Self-Employment and Jobs it’s good and bad, confused yet?

Self-Employment and Jobs it’s good and bad, confused yet?

Strange, makes me want to know why network marketing is bad?  But social networking, which is done by a lot of sales professionals, is good to do.  Why is networking good, but why is a job good?  But we complain not enough jobs, do not like the job, hate the job, do not like the boss or do not like the hours or the pay.  Self-employment is also bad, why?

Best answer I have is, it affects their control and money over the general populous.  Imagine network marketing getting the state/government recommended education (primary and secondary schooling) graduate.  Then you would not need the extra education, which they tell us is optional Junior College, University, Vocational, and Polytechnic. Self employed and network marketing both affect education systems when it comes to the optional education.

Also affects the employers for they would have less people queuing for employment. They are paid to employ people, and control them?  Education and Employment schemes are very controlling and their effects on pay rate (money).  But when it is solely for the purpose to get any job or a job; then you will still be unhappy and still seeking new jobs.  Education for the right reasons that it is your dream to help others, to teach, to know more, to understand more.

But consider queuing for that education because you want to do that, not because you have too.  Consider the people being self-employed via the network marketing or Internet or both or a physical location.  Consider now this idea that they hired people that they inspired people and that caused more to be employed more to follow their dreams.  To which it is not based on fears but on dreams.  We are all happier when we get to have our dreams and live them. Many successful people tell you find something you love and do it.  That's how you will get paid and become a millionaire.

Imagine each time you want a raise we need to social network to obtain it and maintain our job status.  Those we call managers or upper management even the CEO, CFO, and COO they all need to do social networking.  We hear references of that in movies they call it golf, luncheon, and some times we seem them going for drinks in a bar.  Ever watch a Korean Drama, it is not just limited to America this can be seen in many countries around the world. 

We all want friends and family some type of relations with each other including our colleagues and classmates.  Socializing is needed and it is often underrated and overlooked.  Imagine having courses on teaching you how to network for professional and personal relationships to be obtained and maintained throughout your life. 

So in the beginning and end of the day, all that in between it is still your choice. 

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