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Asked & Answered: Christine, Love Your Tee

Asked & Answered: Christine, Love Your Tee

This is a new Asked and Answered talking with Christine who owns and runs a company.  Congratulations to all ladies starting up and running your own companies being in business.  By pursuing your dreams; so do encourage her to not give up and share this published post with all who you know.  Why you ask?  Because we all have family or friends some of us have mom’s, sisters, nieces, cousins yes let’s support our ladies and they, are our friends.

Me: Just a brief story on what had happened, Eileen and I met Christine and Michelle (a friend of Christine) at Resorts World Sentosa the NAC was held there.  We saw her T-shirt Company “Love Your Tee” and we saw what was written on them, a few of the T-shirts really caught our attention.  Of course we told her busy with the NAC and on our way out to eat lunch.  That we will come back later but we did not forget about the T-shirts and it took some time before we came back.  Christine, you probably heard something like that before?  Which can be discouraging especially when you are starting a new business, right? 
Photos provided by: Christine

Firstly, I am really thankful to you both for the encouragement.  I also appreciate the chance you have given me to participate in your interview.  I hope my experiences could inspire people to take courage to step out of their comfort zone.

It is normal that potential customers could walk away saying they have other urgent things to attend to.  Everyone genuinely have their needs which could be very important at the point of time when we approach them.  Leave them a name card so they can look for you, when they have the time.

Of course, some customers could be using reasons to exit.  This is okay.

Like Nick Vujicic said before, he called up schools to talk and faced rejections from 52 schools, before he got a “yes” reply from the 53th school.

A real-life experience of founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders.  He was penniless at the age of 65.  He loved his fried chicken recipe.  He traveled by car to different restaurants to sell his Colonel’s chicken.  He cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners.  He heard 1,009 “no”s before he heard his first “yes”.

Me:  We’re very glad that you are not giving up.  What interested you in starting a business and one in t-shirts?
Photos provided by: Christine

I have a mission to accomplish.  In order to achieve that, I have been wanting to start up a business for many years.  I want to be an entrepreneur at the age of 50, instead of working long hours in office.

I have a coach who is in online T-Shirt business.  I like fanciful and creative things, hence together with my branding knowledge, I have started to do bulk order of T-Shirts for events or campaigns too.

Me:  Thank you for sharing some photos with us.  To me, I believe we all need a mentor to help save energy, effort, and time in what we do. To give us more focus.  What type of customizing do you offer with the t-shirts?
Photos provided by: Christine

I am a one-stop shop to help company’s brand, design and produce T-Shirts.  Hence, my branding and design will work according to customer’s concept.

I also have an online T-Shirt business, whereby customers can customize themselves.

Me:  Tell us something about yourself things you like to eat and drink? 

I am a vegetarian.  I like to eat and drink healthily.

I like to drink alkaline water too, because many sicknesses happen in acidic body and alkaline water neutralizes such acidity and makes the body healthier.

Me:  Since the readers are getting to know a little something about you.  What do you do for a break from things?  Such as bike riding, walking, reading, listening to music of audio books.  

I like to walk and listen to songs.

I have just taken up Meditation and intend to go deeper into this area (learning and meditation class).  This gives me peace and helps me to blend into my life better.

Me:  What countries do you want to travel to and where have you gone?

I want to travel to countries where I could feel the nature and enjoy wonders of the world, such as USA.

I have gone to countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Turkey, Australia and Taiwan.  These are mainly for relaxation and businesses.

Me:  Eileen and I have vacationed in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea and really miss the Korean BBQ & kimchi.  We’ve been to some other places too.  We greatly enjoyed our vacations and many of them are places we dreamed of going to.  Christine do you remember where Eileen and I bought these? 
Photos provided by: Christine

Love Your Tee at NAC 2014.

I am what I am today, because I had met many wonderful people there.
Photos provided by: Christine

Me:  What are your websites and means of contact?


My bulk order website for events or campaigns is

My online web is

My e-mail is

My Facebook contact is

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