Asked and Answered Blessed Birth of a Singer

Asked and Answered: Blessed Birth of a Singer

Me: For those reading my blog for the first time, welcome!  What is your name?

Charlyn: Charlyn Davids

Me: Would you share a little about yourself today? Such as what country and state that you were born at?

Charlyn: I was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Cape Town, South Africa.  I am the eldest and only daughter and I have 2 brothers.  I am married for 20yrs to my husband Colin and we have 3 daughters and son

Me: What did you eat today? Do you eat that often? To some asking that seems unusual, but some people like to eat some do not.

Charlyn: Well I like to have a good breakfast, I'm not a big eater but I love gourmet foods.  We are surrounded by some of the top restaurants and beautiful vineyards and so blessed.

Me: After that brief introduction about you, now let’s find out; what you’re working on in your life?  
Photographs provided by Charlyn

Charlyn: Late last year the Holy Spirit started dropping beautiful melodies in my heart, I have never composed a song in my life and never really had a desire to compose songs.  So this was a great surprise.  I am singer and lead worship several times but never imagined writing music. 

Me: Since many of us work, and the majority work in jobs.  But for those reading my posting on my blog right now.  There are many types of work and here are a few examples: volunteer work, part time work, full time work, college work, school work.  Would you agree that things you use time, energy, and money to do it, is work?

Charlyn: Yes I agree, I'm a housewife and I work very hard.
Photographs provided by: Charlyn
Me: So, lets get back to asked and answered part of this.  I am Christopher and welcome to my blog, today we are reading about a friend of mine whom I have decided to talk with about their dream and how they are blessed being able to work on it.  I will be doing this free and easy question and answers, an informal type of interview, but more along the lines of a conversation.  Now this flow seems odd but we are keeping it to the idea and feel of free and easy.  That’s why it went from some questions and back again to more questions.

Today we are sitting with good friends of my wife Eileen and I.  Her name is Charlyn and to me, she has been blessed with a beautiful dream of sharing the gospel of Grace along with singing. 

Me: Charlyn, have you always had the dream of singing?

Charlyn: I grew up in a very musical family. I enjoyed singing tunes from the age of 3. I think I sang to our church back then when I was about 5years old and had the entire church in tears.

Me: What got you interested in sharing the gospel of Grace?

Charlyn: I grew up in a very strict Christian home with lots of Do's and Don'ts, I accepted The Lord at 17yrs old but it was an up and down relationship, more like a yo-yo.  So I would pray one day and if I do something wrong I would run from God.  Very Law based relationship. This went on for most of my life.

I always felt that I was, bound by chains. In 2011 I bought my husband a book for his birthday Unmerited Favor by Joseph Prince.  Colin is a theologian and Pastor so he enjoys reading.  When I bought the book I never knew Joseph Prince at all or about his ministry.  Colin took too long to start reading so I decided to read it first.

I was completely blown away by the first chapter; by the time I got to the middle of the book I could feel the chains being broken in my life.  For the first time I experienced true freedom in Christ.

This book overwhelmed me so much that whoever I encountered I shared the gospel. We bought every single DVD, books and music from New Creation Church in Singapore.  I fell in love with Jesus and for the first time in my life I understood the cross, the sacrifice and the unconditional love of Abba Father.

I felt born again for the first time, by the time Colin read the book we were like completely CRAZY.  We sat up for hours listening to DVDs and podcast it was so contagious our friends love their relationship with Jesus.

Me: I love it. -Haha You had read the book first.  Have you read a lot of his books?

Charlyn: I'm very selective on what I read, I'm not really big on reading but since my life has been impacted by the Grace of God I will read and study sermons of some of the Mighty men of God such as the late John Gills, Charles Spurgeon and EW Kenyon.  Read and I Love all Joseph Prince books, Paul Ellis and I love listening to Evan Beecham sermons from America -Grace without measure ministries.

Me: Eileen and I already know this, but will you share a little about your personal life.  Married or single and do you have children?  As many of the readers can see you are beautiful and healthy lady.
Photographs provided by: Charlyn

Charlyn: Colin and I are married for 20yrs, when we reached 15yrs of marriage I filed for a divorce.  We looked like the perfect couple but there was much unhappiness from my side.  We divorced in April 2010 it was a roller coaster year for my entire family but before Christmas 2010 God restored our marriage completely and we remarried the 23Dec 2010. This was a huge surprise to many of our friends; we were unaware of the prayers that were prayed by so many people for the restoration of our marriage.  The very next year we both encountered or had a revelation of Grace, which excelled our marriage to another level of intimacy. 

Photographs provided by: Charlyn

We are grateful every day for God's amazing grace over our lives.  We are now being used by God to speak into many married couples lives and God has been healing and restoring many lives by our testimony.  We counseled couples, which were divorced, and have now remarried, God gets all the glory.  God has answered so many of my hearts desires its crazy and it’s never based on my goodness but His goodness.  Colin and I have 4 beautiful children Charlize 20, Kristen 17, Nika 11 and our only son Luke 9yrs old. 
Photographs provided by: Charlyn

Me: Very beautiful family!  What church are you attending?  Do they have any websites?

Charlyn: We are part of Grace Apostolic Ministries; we have held many Grace Seminars in Cape Town, which has brought about a revolution in Cape Town. People are being restored when they realize who they are in Christ and how gracious and loving God is. Many of our churches are getting mixture of Law and Grace so God is doing a mighty work through this ministry to bring about healing and restoration.
Photographs provided by: Charlyn

Me:  From the photos you have shared with me for all the readers to see.  We can see that you are busy getting that CD produced.   
Photographs provided by: Charlyn

Me: Very beautiful area lots to see and you have shared so many photos of the area you reside it. I can see the Lord is working through you for your good and He is getting all the glory and honor. Amen!

Charlyn: Yes I'm overwhelmed by the goodness and favor of God. We have lost a lot in terms of businesses, material belongings etc but God has restored 100 fold and has blessed us with a better home, vehicles, furniture etc

Me: Will you allow me to continue getting updates?  Perhaps some exclusives on what you are doing for singing, CDs, and with your ministry?  Which will be shared with my readers following my blog. 

Charlyn: Yes sure. I am in the process of recording my first CD and it’s a challenge but the process or the journey is enriching. I'm growing and learning everyday.
Photographs provided by: Charlyn

Me: Well I understand that this is going to be an on-going and random update but we keep every one we can updated via this blog postings and updates can be followed through emails. Will you follow me and perhaps take a moment to reply on some of them?

Charlyn: Yes I'll follow you, LOL. 

Me: Good to hear! –Haha. Well we are going to wrap this up for now and anything else you want to add and tease our readers with before we end this first of many blog postings about you?

Charlyn: No I'm cool. This has been fun; I will keep you posted on the progress of my CD etc. 

Being blessed is cool.  Thank you Charlyn, that is a big blessing to me and a lot of our readers seeing how the Lord is blessing you.  That he keeps lifting you up high and higher.  Looking forward to hearing more much more from you in the day’s to come.  

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