Asked and Answered Pursuit of Dreams

Asked and Answered: Pursuit of Dreams

Hi everyone!  Today we have a jump-start into an up and coming game company.  They are listed on Facebook, Twitter @SpiritWebb and yes they have a few more places.  Another one of those is here, right here, and now my blog!

Before we get into all the rest let’s me introduce myself to you, I am Christopher and will be doing a fast paced and free and easy asked (questions) and answered today.  Also I want to let everyone know that I was not paid to write this.  Since today’s blog is not about me; that’s it for the introduction for myself.

However, we are going to read about a man named Tad starting up a gaming business with a small group working on their dreams, if they do not do that, then it will remain a dream.  They want it to become a reality!

Tad let’s get started on this Asked and Answered, to hear more about you dream.

Me: Tell us about you, for those readers out there that literally do not know you, now is your chance to speak a little about yourself.  Is Tad a nickname, are you married or single?  Some generalities about who you are and then we can lead into other things.

Tad:  Hello everyone!  Nice to be here today.  Let me state, Tad is not a nickname that is my name.  I tell everyone that I was named after Lincoln’s 11th son, however the truth is: I was named after Tad, off of the soap opera “All My Children.”  I am engaged and soon to be married.  We have known each other for a while she is my world and we have two children, CJ and Ari.  She also happens to be our writer, Sam.  I am originally from Aurora, CO, however moved to Arkansas in 1997 to help take care of my grandmother.  I have a younger brother.  My mother lives here in Arkansas.  Went to college for Graphic Arts and spent several years in Information Technology where I learned project management, programming and managing a small team across different shifts throughout the day.  Most of everything else has been self-taught.

Me: Congratulations on the engagement and children!  That is great news and does that mean you will share more on that another time?  How many people are with you in this business?  What are their names?

Tad: Yes will share more on it at a later time in regards to our engagement.  As far as Bad Touch Studios is concerned, we have a total of 4.  Sam, she is our writer.  Scott, is our music and sound effects composer, as well as my business partner.  Jose, is our concept artist and then myself, anything not mentioned above I handle and I still pitch in to help with the writing, if needed.  We had a new person, Shea join our team.  He came on to help with programming.  So I guess we have a total of 5 then.  –Laughs slightly-

Me: When did you realize its time to work on your dream?

Tad: Oh, this is a hard question.  Let me see… we been working on it for some time now, I guess I want to say around the last decade.  I met Scott in 2006, and he told me about his love for filming, and I had the same love except mine was for animated movies, not live-action.  So we agreed that we should form a film studio.  We want to focus on what we love to do, not the money, so we agreed that we would donate as much of our profits as we can, allowed by law, to different charities around the world, so this has been our drive and passion.  A lot of it has been planning, information gathering and we decided to stop talking about it and DO IT!  So we thought about a way to get started, since we do not have the start-up, and decided making games would be a good start as with any business it has to start somewhere.

Me: I’ve noticed on Kickstarter & your Press Release different platforms for this game. Good to see it on so many.  Tell us about that and why each of those platforms (Operating Systems)?

Tad:  We wanted to make the game available for the different Operating Systems as they are still popular even with the new game consoles coming out.  In fact Linux is becoming more popular, so we decided to add that as well.  Cover every OS we can.  We are looking into porting it to iOS, Android, Window 8 mobile platforms.  We looked into Xbox, PS and Wii, and those license costs are a little out of our reach at this moment in time.

Me: Did any foods or vacation give you inspiration for staying motivated in working on anything?

Tad:   No, but with anything in creating, you’re looking everywhere.  Whether be locations to film at, or the different textures in your environment when working on a game.  Everything can be a motivation.  I watch horror movies, play horror games, look up photos of random creepiness for inspiration and idea’s to place in our current game Trapped!  There is a movie called “Indie Game: The Movie” that I watch when my motivation drops and I pick right back up after the end of it.  I am going to say I probably watched that movie a dozen times now and it still fascinates me. 

Me: You are utilizing many resources of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  That is including Kickstarter.  Do you have those links (or URLs)?  Any deadlines we need to know about?

Tad:  Our Kickstarter campaign ends the morning of May 3rd, 2014.  If it fails, I will wait a couple weeks and re-open the campaign. 

Twitter: @SpiritWebb (This is my personal as I do not have one for BTS, but I do post about it on mine.)
Section 18 (Backstory of Trapped):

Me: After you have reached your goal on KS what will be next for your company? Do you have any other types of games in mind?

Tad:  First thing is to update hardware and software.  Mainly software.  Upgrade our game engine, purchase the licenses for mobile to allow us to port to the mobile market.  Have to pay our people.  We are just like anyone else and we have our bills to pay, we have gone all-in with this, meaning we have put all our money we have in it to make this dream a reality.  We also need to hire a 3D artist who can go in and create better and if not more assets.  3D artists are not cheap and this is where most of it is going.
We also have another game idea on the board, but will not work on that until Trapped! is completed.  We stay focused on one game at a time.

Well that’s it guys and gals, stay tuned there will be bi-weekly updates covering many things about the game and the people making it.  Remember to check out their Kickstarter page  Perhaps next time Tad will bring along a teammate to do our Asked and Answered. 

Do take note that all answers are supplied by the individual(s) are exact and unchanged.  

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