What kind of keys are you looking for?

What kind of keys are you looking for?
A man every time he wakes up in the morning and able to get up, then walking over grabbing his things. Preparing to leave for work. But each night he puts his things down in the same place, except for his keys. 
Photographed by: Eileen G.Y.

Every day he tosses the keys somewhere else. He looks and looks and continues to look. Finally he has his keys. But now he has to speed through traffic moving in and around cars.  Just able to make it to the company and on time, complains about racing to work.

Days become weeks, weeks become months and those become years.  Years go by and he sees that looking for his keys is a bad thing.  After five years he sees keys and reminds him of going to work even in his days off.  Vacation Days or Public Holidays are no exception to those keys reminding him.  That even the idea of tomorrow comes to mind, that he is angered over the idea and dreads of what is next; that is looking for his keys. 

But after waking up and then prepares for work. Prepared to look for those bad keys he starts his day complaining of how bad his day is; once that realization took place. 

That man is only looking for bad in this world. When he looks for bad that is all he sees, is bad in the world. Not the good not the beauty. Not the blessings of being healed, healthy, whole, able to work and working in a position.  Or with being blessed with a home, auto, foods, beverages, and being alive.  Instead the man focused on those bad keys.

What are you looking for?