Are you depressed, lost, confused, and seeking answers?

Are you depressed, lost, confused, and seeking answers?

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There are many things on the Internet about depression, a lot of books on this subject, and several doctors to seek.  But what about those we see as not depressed or are they depressed?  Many books and doctors will say from the studies they have done from their findings or research they will clinically many people be; depressed.

That is like saying a functioning illiterate or functioning alcoholic, but this is not fun and no intention was given of it being funny.  It is amazing how many are functioning with any type of symptoms and we chalk that up to being normal.

To many justify things with words of “oh that’s happened to me”, “whats the big deal”, and “man up” or another painful one “don’t be a ____” several words can be added to that such as jerk, idiot, and baby.  Of course profanity or cursing or cuss words are some times used.
Some times we are lost about what to say, what to do, and some times where to go.  Lost on why there are here and how to do things say things even to those closest to them family and friends.  Lost effects them on many levels and causes them to dwindle into sadness and then depression.

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Confused about things seems to be the same as lost.  Surely it is not the same confused but with a purpose, that means going to college that is a purpose but confused on why they are going.  They get good grades pass each course and graduate each year.  But they are confused on why they do it and that means it is not their dream but some body else’s dreams.  Confused about a job they want to work in that company doing the work they enjoy got the education perhaps experience or more education and experience.  However, they have confusion on why and how to do their work, confused why they have to work overtime so often, why their boss is not happy, or they are not happy with their lives.
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Seeking answers is what we all do at many different points in our lifetime.  Questions remain for many reasons do you seek not to find or do you seek to find the answer of all answers?  Not every answer is going to unlock the box and you have a moment of full clarity.  

When you seek answers be prepared to receive and accept them.  Sometimes we hear the answers from two different people or more but refuse to accept them, but when another person says it we accept it and receive it fully.  Why?  Is it the person?  Is it the time of day or night making our mind more receptive?  It could be it took those other times and all the things that had happened in-between to allow you to be willing, able, and then receiving the answers and thus accepting what you had heard. 

Did you catch it?  Read that last paragraph again did you notice the words, take note of how the words are written and what each word means.  It makes how it is said, when it is said, what is said, and by whom. 

When we hear the answers we can hear everything in the proper way, that everything is rightly said.  But if you have unwillingness to believe it or deaf ears (metaphorically speaking) and refused to hear it and believe it.  Then it can be told to you a dozen times or many times over your lifetime.  Nothing will change and the lifestyle will remain. 

Are you ready to believe to let it take root and continue to seek out new answers by hearing, hearing, and hearing the word?  We shall see.  Would you rather be wrong and be blessed or right and receive sympathy? 

Prepare yourself and hear the answer on who can help you, once you know who, then all the rest will begin to be revealed.  Seek Jesus in all things, for all things, and pray for everything, He is our King of kings, our Lord, and our GOD.  He is the answer to all that we ask, that we seek, to who we are, and can be found within Jesus. 
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