Blessed day and remember this thought

Blessed day and remember this thought...

As the rays of the sun are seen; but not felt or heard.

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As the rain is heard and felt; but some times not seen.

As the wind is felt but never seen and some times heard.

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As we are blessed with five senses that tell us what is seen, felt, heard, touched, and taste.  Jesus has blessed you and me in all of these ways.  That we are able to uniquely experience His agape love for His agape love is like all of these things.

Yet some times we wonder is He there? Remember the wind (breath), rain (water), rays (light), and all of this is from the Son of GOD.

Our Lord, our GOD is alive! Amen. Have the eyes & ears of grace be blessed by grace every day. Amen and amen.

But no one else can fully experience these things only you.

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