Building a business or anything starts with your mind

Building a business or anything starts with your mind
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Exercise your mental capabilities…   
Exercise your intelligence, creativity, and imagination we can answer any question with “OK” or “huh” or “yep” or “yeah”.  But why should we fight to get an education reading so many words, stories, books, writing numerous pages upon pages during our school days. For some others they do much more of that during their junior college or university days.  Everything about life is about “choice” so choose wisely and stick with that decision and make it a few years not a day or hour decision.  Some choices need to be for a life time or generational.  

Parents can understand generational choices. 
Parents can understand the generational choices but for those that are not parents or have never thought in that way.  What good does it do your child or children or yourself to say I am old, I am tired, I am poor, I have no time, I cannot do it, I cannot do that. I must work in this job or I must take this job.
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How does this help you and your family?
Imagine me telling you these things several times a week or month especially in a year every year.  That means you are hearing it every month, would you want to be around a person like that? No way, and I sure would not want to be around anyone like this either. 

Building a business or anything starts with your mind

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Build a business; do not know what to do? 
Look for things you like and love write it down and is it the same as when you were a child?  Now find people with the same likes and loves and team up with them.  Make the choice to find the time allocate part of that time you are given each day and week.  Before you realize it, it has been a month then another month.  Build on your dreams and leave a business to your children. 

A dream is a seed.
To me a dream is a seed, planted in the mind, give it nurturing time + learning + experiences + adventures + failures + money + creativity + imagination + education.  Give the time some time for it to begin to take root, after it takes root then it can and will start to grow.  Let it grow! 

Forget about the crazy, the bad, and the ugly things they said.
Forget about the crazy talks of get-rich-quick-schemes.  Forget about the bad being said about your industry.  Forget about the bad being said about your lack of funds, experience, and education.  But remember this they say bad things about their very own job the company they worked at and think of how long they have been there.  Think of how long they have worked their working on something that is not even their dreams. 

Surely we can have dreams!
Sure they can have dreams of working in a company in a certain position.  A lot of us do, but to get any company going and keep it going.  That means people must have the same dreams.  An idea a dream cannot be so easily destroyed by others but can be delayed.  For as long as you live, the dream can live, but something we all need to remember when others hear of that dream, it starts to grow, grow big, and grow strong and stronger.  Dreams are very hard to stop to destroy these things we buy are someone else s dreams.  These we consume some times daily foods, beverages, travels, movies, and transportation's. 
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What you bought.
Anytime you buy something from a company your buying into that dream.  Are you not buying into a belief or dream with everything you purchased?  Sometimes we buy things based on a person or people, on services, on products. 

Sharing perspective with you.
Sharing another perspective with you, either way it is your life and your choices.  Are you joy filled enjoying a joy full life or not?  Make a choice right now do it for at least 3 years or 4 and do not quit on it.  When you quit you failed.  Make the choice to start changing how you think and say things. There are plenty of people in the world that will say badly about anyone.  So why add to that and just say good things start with yourself and start with I am ___.

You are not a loser, not a quitter, and not a failure.  If you forget all that I wrote then write some of it down, come back and keeping reading my blog posts.   

Quitting is for the other guy, it not who you are!

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