Food Time: In Singapore this is just some of the foods we have eaten!

Food Time: In Singapore this is just some of the foods we have eaten!

This particular published post is all about food and you are going to see a lot of photos about it.  So if you are hungry this is not going to help, instead it is going to increase your hunger. 

But if you are looking for ideas on what to eat when coming to Singapore during your vacations or business trips or you are that growing crowd called dreamtrippers.  Then you will be interested in reading this for some ideas or you simply undecided but you reside in Singapore.

Below are a lot of photos taken by Eileen.

Mango with Sago

Char Siew with Rice

Fish Ball with Glass Noodle

BBQ Pork Rice Roll

Eileen says it is called: įŒŠč„šé†‹

Chee Chong Fun

When you come to Singapore contact us maybe we can meet up and suggest some local foods to you. There is a lot more than these few photos of foods you can experience and enjoy in Singapore (SG) the Food Paradise. 

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