Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins

Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins

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The ending has not come and for a lot of us it never will end.  We who know of the author of this story we call life. 

Well many of us call the middle the middle but it is actually the present, the here, the now, and some exist and some do more than exist we live our lives.

Some of us never realize our start, some start things, some ideas are started.  But there is neither ending nor middle.  But we far to many of us only see the door but never knock on it.

The Journey to me is the accumulation of many, many things.  These things being experiences both direct and in-direct, knowledge gathered by ourselves, shared by others, and formally done in groups.  Education comes in many forms some is theory, some is practical, and some is referred to as educated guesses.

Journey of a thousand miles begins…
This type of journey is referring to taking your first step, often is a baby step, but before you reach that step.  When it comes to moving forward we need to start with crawling, then sitting up helps us to go higher and that means standing up.  After this we have the first steps, which are often very small, some times unnoticeable to many. 

Usually such steps are shaky, they are wobbly, and the movements are noticed because they are shaky.  We just keep going, moving, and doing it.  We did not have a manual we did not ask lots of questions.  Imagine us asking things like this…
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How much time does this take?
How long before you could sit? Stand? Walk? Run?
How good are you at this?
Why should I listen to you teach me to crawl, sit, stand, walk, walk fast, or run?

Lets return to when we use to say, “Yes then do it”.  We did it and that is how we figured it all out, we basically inside our minds said yes and figure things out after saying yes in the mind or in the mind then by mouth.

Begins when we were born, but for a lot of us we did reach the middle for many others we did reach it and far to many will reach the end.  Again for the believers we will not hit the ending. 

When we started the middle that was education and that is an on-going process. Later we call it formal education, but some continue to read things on their own, some call it self-development, some take training courses, or vocational.  Whatever the term used it is all parked under education.  When we started that journey we said yes and did it, we did not figure out every step in advance. 

How could anyone including you know all the answers to education? 

Why start now?
We started with why is my friend inviting me here or there? Why is network marketing bad thing?  But jobs are good thing? Have you worked in every job no one has done that.  Every company has good and bad said about it. We get offered a job and we either take action yes and work there or not. 

Later we learn that we do not like this or that, but did you quit the same day, week, month? Majority of us do not do that we made a commitment and some see it as I gave my word so I will do the best that I can while I am here! 

Work hard at your job then do the same when you are self employed no matter what type of self employed it is.

You are in the middle, decide to do it, keep going. How do you think any one starting a race of any type gets started and how do you think finish it?  They paid attention, stayed focused, got excited, and never gave up!
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Do more, expect more, and ask for more, repeat, repeat, and repeat.  You know the author and finisher and He did all this for your good and He knows what is good for you! 

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