This Morning I was Reminded of Dreams

This Morning I was Reminded of Dreams

Reality of a Dream
This morning I was reminded of dreams. A lot of us have heard the name Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King and his famous speech. That starts with, "I have a dream…"

Surely we know it was not easy for them to follow their dreams. But when they did a lot of people then and now follow their teachings and share their dreams!  Steve Jobs & Bill Gates had dreams and today a lot of people follow them and share their dreams.  Do you think they got this in a day, a week, a month?  It took them time, so you need to give time some time. 

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Happily Pursuing Happiness
Why do I mention them? Because a lot of people including us; have heard of them and their dreams.  Their dreams are about people being free to be happy, to live their lives, to be able to do what they want without pre judging them based on color of skin and this lead to other important issues age, sex, work, education, religion, and pursuit of happiness.

Immolating and Role Models
You pursue happiness you already achieve it. Because it is a mind set that you reached during the pursuing of it. Thus, you are already happy along that journey. Some start this way and we want to immolate them. We are all role models to someone perhaps to your spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, (relatives), colleagues, classmates, and of course friends.  

Wake up smell the coffee
Wake up smell the coffee is more than an expression referring to your dreaming.  Or that you are asleep and need to wake up to reality and other times it refers to waking up from what you are doing and do something more with your life than existing. 

Dream the Dream
What I meant by dream the dream is this concept when you are sleeping and that night you have a dream.  During the time of sleeping you dream that is dreaming, therefore you are dreaming the dream is active and not a past tense thing, nor a future event.  But it is actively being done so go and live your life by dream the dream.
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You can get more done!
You can get more done when you are telling people your dream.  You acknowledge it, you bring it to life, and you are held accountable for what you have said or wrote. 

Do you want to be accountable for your words and deeds?  Of course or you would be a liar to yourself because you have said I want this and I need this and then you do not do it.  Who hurts more you or someone else because you did what many do, and that is nothing.  You can get more done; start with the first decision, start with your mind, now do it and take action!
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What dreams do you have?  You do not have one then think of something fun to do some adventures, some places you want to visit to experience.

Remember they do not pay your bills, they do not live with the results of your actions, when you do nothing you will get nothing; that is the results of your actions.  Say it right now, I can get more done, you can get more done, and together we can get more done! 

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