How many or what kind of mistakes does not matter

How many or what kind of mistakes does not matter

Free Images: You are the child of the Most High GOD
He so loves us; His love casts out all fears!  We can go boldly to Him then we can do things boldly!  Count on Him, trust in Him, and be blessed by Him for all that our Lord Jesus does is blessings for our good.

You are the child of the Most High GOD!

We who seek to have understanding about why is this happening in the world, why is that happening in the world, and why does this happen to me or keep happening.  We are not GOD but seek to have the same understanding and knowledge as GOD.

Instead seek Him in all things, for all things, and He shall take care of you.  He loves us and continues to love us; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Free Images: Our Abba GOD is a BIG GOD!
We are going to make mistakes but our Lord our GOD will not make mistakes.  He who is in me is greater than he who is in this world.  When we make mistakes or accidents happen. So what?  My GOD is greater than anything that I do, that we do.  He is greater!  I, we, make mistakes by accident or by my own plans or by the plans that others have.  One mistake or many mistakes it can be one day every day of your life or so many that they cannot be numbered.   

Our Abba GOD is a BIG GOD!

When we trust, when we believe, when we count on the Lord Jesus Christ to bless us with health or finances or a spouse or children or anything or anyone.  We are being bold and going boldly to our Abba GOD about the finished works upon that cross that His Son has done.  Our Lord our GOD created the universe all within it.  All means all, right? 
Free Images: He is with you always!
When we pray for health and we receive it.  But then we pray for financial increase and later a friend shares about a business idea or we are blessed with idea to stat our own business.  After that we remember the doubts the fears come onto us and we say things of doubt “I can’t”, “I don’t know”, and “let me think about it”, or “sounds interesting”.  Which is greater the doubt, the fear, the mistake, or Jesus?   

He is with you always!  He is still greater He still loves me and still lives in me!

Be blessed, be a blessing, possess your possessions your blessings.  He is greater than our mistakes greater than all the things we can name.  Jesus, His name is above every name.  Amen.

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