Australia Vacation in Bunbury & Perth

Australia Vacation in Bunbury & Perth

Well I have a surprise for you! This is our fourth vacation in about six months and each vacation was almost two weeks. Who does that, right!?
 A view of Bunbury
Photography by: Eileen G.Y.
There is another surprise to share with you and that is finding out that budget airlines are not always the best prices when we compared our flights on various websites including ours.  We discovered again that Singapore Airlines offered a much lower price than budget airlines doing round trip (two way) from Singapore to Perth, Australia.  Included in this price were luggage, food, beverages, and reasonably comfortable seats. 
 Perth International Airport
Photography by: Eileen G.Y.
Besides which sounds better, I flew on so and so budget or I flew on Singapore Airlines?
(Singapore Airlines is not paying me at all for any endorsement)
There are so many types of vacations such as Adventure, Kid, Thrill Seeker, and a huge favorite with many people Disney Vacations!  (Disney is not paying me at all for any endorsement).  Also, we had a type of vacation that I would call it a “free n easy” because we stayed with family, went to bed early and had early breakfast then took afternoon nap sometimes.  Other times we are helping prepare foods or cleaning the dishes or drying them off, along with doing our own wash sometimes.
Very little TV was watched and did not go online but a few random days during our nearly 2 week vacation.  This is very rare for anyone to be disconnected from their wireless/wired internet connections.  Yet we were not using our mobiles to chat via whatsapp or Line Chat or any other messenger services.  During the majority of our stay in Australia and we continued to have a good time filled with enjoyable moments with family and new friends along with a lot of home cooked meals. (Whatsapp & Line Chat are not paid for endorsements of any kind)

Can you imagine being unplugged from family and friends because of no internet?  Can you imagine using your days and nights to mainly relax?  Consider it being like this illustration sitting on the beach laying in the sun and listening to the waves while watching the waves crushing down on the sands, sipping your iced drink and enjoying the warmth of the sun and slightly cool breezes.  We decided on doing a different version of that sitting and relaxing while hearing the wind blowing through the tree’s, bushes, and flowers.  Some days are sunshine, some are sunny with partly cloudy and wind tussling about the folly edge and sleeping when we want and where we want.  Either way we are in the bed or the recliner or patio furniture and watching the dog (Sandy) running about the back yard.  There is a pet bird called Charlie and you can see photos of both. 
      We are sharing this view with our family.
Photography by: Eileen G.Y.

Photography by: Eileen G.Y. - here is Charlie (bird)
What is more important to you, sharing your days at work for your family, or sharing your days with your family for your family?  It is all because you changed your attitude and therefore your mindset; to be an entrepreneur in travel leveraging on networking, wholesale prices, bulk buying, and marketing.  

It is no more a foreign concept than these examples:
Insurance Salesmen selling policies
Gym Membership
Cellular Subscribers

All of them paying monthly but as their customer base grows so does their income. 
Another idea for you to wrap your head around is McDonald’s. Do they continually advertise throughout the year? Yes of course they do that, but why?  A lot of us already know what the name represents (branding) and we know what they offer (sale in products & services).  Why do they keep advertising?  Because they keep sharing over and over with everyone A. reminding people to buy B. not everyone on earth heard of them, it just seems like it C. reminding people they are still in business.
Interesting right?  How many companies can you name that other people already heard and those companies continue to advertise annually?

So make a short list of 15 companies that you know about.  How many people would also know about those companies too? Now make a check mark by any of those 15 companies that wants you to buy something every year, another check for every month and another for every day.
It is highly likely that all those on your list are considered worth over 100 million dollars each, right?  Would you want to be able to work with them?  Yes, of course!  Do you consider them to be respected businesses?  Many of them you would happily work for, right?  But they are all in the business to recruit people every day, sales people refer to that as generating business leads or business development.  All of that is done by asking people to hear what you have to say, by sharing.  That really is what networking is and every business is in business to make money that requires people to share with people. 

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