I am my own worst enemy!

I am my own worst enemy!

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I cannot dance.
I cannot sing that well.
I cannot read very fast.
I cannot give money to help others.
I cannot work more overtime.
I cannot find enough time in the day to do what I want to do.
I cannot get enough time with my children.
I cannot get enough time with my spouse.
I cannot get enough time with my all of my family.

Do you focus on the “I” or the “cannot” or every lack that you think you have? Do you own those things or have exclusive rights to them?

Why focus on “I” or “cannot” why focus on those things any longer? We already have seen that they continually expand. Now focus on good things and see them continuously expanding. 

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I have told others that I have worked long hours, lots of days in a row, that I work hard and keep working hard.  That I have been working since I was a teen and worked in places with horrible working conditions to very low pay to little to no hours because they lied about it being full time or working so many hours I cannot get enough sleep.  But the low pay remained and little to no raises was what happened a lot.
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I have told this to many and defend what I was doing as though I had dues to pay to show my bravery of working and working hard. That I was following what they told me “put in a good days work for a good days pay” this was honest work.

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Questions remain:
Am I happy with the results of beliefs as for working in a job?
Am I happy defending this job system?
Am I happy with not sharing time with my family?
Am I happy with not fulfilling my dreams?
Am I happy with any of my lifestyle?
Am I happy with me?

Do you want the answers? Are you sure you are ready for it? 
Or have you figured out the answers? Do share with us below, thanks!

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