Be Bold In Words & Actions Part 1

Be Bold In Words & Actions Part 1

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Being bold is not just jumping out of a flying plane way above the earth.  It is much more than that; it is not just going on rollercoaster’s.  Actually those are the results of taking actions by being bold in action.

There is words were we say: I am strong!
I do (referring to marriage)
I trust you

But all these stem from more than words and actions.  They are within the mind our vary thoughts that form into words or manifested as actions. 
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We shall, we will, we must, we can

As a team we can do much more like this saying..
“many hands make for light work..” –unknown

We are bold we can do, we are not bold we will not do it. Imagine you won a prize and asked to go on stage to claim the prize. Will you be shy? Will you be scared? Will you be afraid of all the people watching you? Be bold stand up walk and claim your prize!
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Be bold in academics can be like this doing so well that you get called to the front of the class to claim your exam paper.  Teacher publically gives you recognition before the entire classroom before all your piers. Will you be bold?  Some of my friends told me they would not dare get good grades for this exact reason.

But it is not a reason; it is an excuse preventing you from getting good grades.  How many students your children our children our nation or your nation being affected by phobias.  

Remember to Be Bold!    Part 2

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