Be Bold Reaches Perceived Perceptions & Perceptions Perceived Part 4

Be Bold Reaches Perceived Perceptions & Perceptions Perceived Part 4

Those of you that are skydivers, ski jumpers, freestyle climbers, surfers, cliff jumpers, stuntmen, and race car drivers along with numerous other professions, hobbyists, and amateurs in these positions. 

Did you miss out on Be Bold Part 1 or Be Bold Part 2 or Be Bold Part 3

Ski Jumping, would you do it?
Free Image: Ski Jumping everyone needs training.

Anything that you do, it is better with a mentor or trainer.
Free Image: Skydiving, you can solo, but would you want too?

Some tend to see them as reaching into a bag of craziness and touched with insanity. Then some others would say they are just adrenaline junkies enjoying their lives. 

We seek, we sought, we fight, we fought, and then we laid still and waited for death.  Meaning we were born and began to learn and kept learning.  We adapted to our surroundings; whatever the environment is we adapted to it.  But then a job was offered, often it was not what we wanted and we just accepted it.  After this we just existed and waited until our passing. Christopher L.Y.

Free Image: Welcome, Listen, Guide Share, Inspire, Support
This is what some perceptions are based on what we see or perceived seeing.  But without doing any of these sports, some of us get scared, experiencing fears, and that is without ever doing anything.  Built up in the mind that it is hard, impossible, and extremely dangerous. 

Reaching out to be bold is like walking on stage and being a public speaker.  Which is there number one fear, so the least feared are those sport activities.  Then what is holding you back from being the best in that sport that you are passionate about? 

Be bold in actions often is the one we think of first and perhaps thought of at all times.  But surely it is not the last and only means to be bold.  Part has given somewhat of a recap to the previous types of be bold including adding on another published post about perception and perceiving.

What about putting it all into action?  What can you do to put be bold thoughts, be bold speaking, be bold believing, and be bold actions all into activities?

Which one are you?
Free Image: Creativity, Flexibility, Tenacity, Diplomacy, Consistency
Here are some great and very good positions to do what with they are leaders, mentors, teachers, trainers, and professors.  They all are positions that work directly with a person and people.  Often and some times easily interacting with people having them actively do the many forms to be bold; which is mentioned above in bold. 

“When one dream is alive, many lives are transformed.  When that dream is being fulfilled new dreams will be revealed then more will be achieved.” –Christopher L.Y.

Free Image: You can do what I cannot do (Mother Teresa)
Be bold in the many forms will share many ideas, shape minds, and empower people to overcome the walls in their minds.  Thus spawning new leaders, mentors, teachers, trainers, and professors for generations to come.  

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