Be Bold Today leading into Tomorrow Part 3

Be Bold Today leading into Tomorrow Part 3

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“What I do today will transform my tomorrow, but what is not done is without satisfaction. “ –Christopher L.Y.

We all have things that bother us from debts to bosses.  But others are debt free, some are worry free because they have no bosses to answer to, and some are a work in progress.  We pray for changes, ask for changes, and need changes.  But where does the first change take place?

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The first place that is changed is your mind by what is heard, read, and seen.  Right now you have the opportunity to let this be planted like a seed.  The next step is to nurture it by hearing, reading, and seeing more. 

“Garbage in, garbage out” –unknown

Now you know what I meant by a “work in progress”, meaning your understanding, surroundings, and what you allow to be taken into your mind are continuously transforming you. 

You are doing one of your goals right now; continue doing and you will continue being transformed.  Now the next step is speaking what you want to do.  A need is not strong enough and it will not last.  How many times have you said, “I need to take the trash out” or “I need to do the laundry” or this one, “I will try..” but did you and did it last? 

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Short story…
A kid sees ice cream and asks the mother to get a cone with double scoop. But she says not right now to avoid the having an public tantrum. The kid raises the voice asks louder knowing that it will embarrass the mother and make her seems like she is bad to her kid. The kid starts saying… I want ice cream; I want ice cream, why can’t I have ice cream!

Saying “I want..” is so fierce and determined and forms of “be bold” so be bold in your speaking.  Make that declaration to become something different, by doing something different. (Slight paraphrasing from the opening of Arrow). 

Start now by believing what you speak and do that right now! 

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Congratulations!  You just took action, you thought of what you wanted to say, you said what you wanted to say, and took action.  Affirmations are powerful, so say them powerfully; therefore adding weight to what you are saying causing more belief.  

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You have the power within you, only you do.  You just demonstrated that power today, again let it take root, nature it, and develop it into something good and great.  Be bold in your thoughts, words, and actions today for when tomorrow comes you will experience more and more transformations in you and your life.

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