Saw A Posting On FaceBook and Here Is My Response

Saw A Posting On FaceBook and Here Is My Response

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Some people get angry at people for being self employed or get angry with how they do it, such as network marketing, app development, eBay, Carousel, Yahoo stores, and Facebook is doing an online shopping.  So many good choices out there but some rather be trampled on and abused by a job or boss.

Some of us get asked to join an Entrepreneur, but some of start questioning them. Think about the Comments you leave, think about the LIKEs, SHARES, & FOLLOWing you do not do.  
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Once you realize that everything is a type of work and it takes hard work to reach the smart work.  Yes, you have to think about that last one, and for a lack of a better way to express it, that does make sense.  Work at studying at home or in some type of schooling, work at getting out of bed, or work at getting motivated to do the work at your job and work at not quitting that lousy job with low pay.  Or works at studying again to get the position you prefer, but most people take the job offered not the job they wanted.  How do you want to work five to ten years?

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Maybe you prefer twenty or forty years, either way that is working hard work, but are you working decades or less?  How hard and how smart do you want to work?  Maybe some prefer to keep complaining about the Walton (Walmart Company), which is not resolving any of the issues.  Unless you get a petition signed by a huge number of people.  The best way to make money is to make change and to do that is to leverage on people.  

But remember there is a group of professionals working to resolve issues like minimum wage and they are stuck with to do it or not. When you say it is so simple or so easy. Then the issue would have been resolved long ago. 

Why get angry at someone for sharing or fearful or ignorant?  Some people commenting have resorted to cussing, cursing, and other attacks aimed on their lack of intelligence.  You do not know the person but speak as though you know them very well, I am referring to their level of education and experiences.  Well I am not interested in sharing so much on this particular subject of “complaining” and shall stop here.  But do consider what I have shared, thanks!

However, would enjoy hearing your feedback on comments you seen on social media?  Some questions I have for being bold enough to share with you and me.

1.     Are you scared to leave a detailed comment?  Because someone may do some form of attacks on what you had shared.
2.     How do you feel when anyone leaves a LIKE instead of a comment?
3.     Do you prefer LIKEs or SHAREs or Comments?
4.     Have you left any Comments before on other forms of social media?
5.     Ever considered by leaving LIKEs or SHAREs or Comments that one of your friends or somebody would do the same for you?

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