What is greater LifeList or BucketList?

What is greater LifeList or BucketList?


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Someone out there is saying what is a LifeList?  Someone else is saying you got that wrong it is called #bucketlist.  Well I am going to tell you about is what a lot of us think a bucketlist means.  After that I am going to share about a #LifeList. 

There is a term that we have been hearing since a little kid and even before that out was mentioned to your parents and to their parents. It has been around several generations.  Because right now little kids are hearing it or reading it online and babies are hearing it.  Even though they do not know what it means yet. 
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It is actually a very negative term to use.  Because it refers to death, that in a movie we would see a doctor informing a patient to brace themselves for the bad news and to have a seat.  Shortly after that they are told facts and then the doctor says you have this long to life.  Another way we have seen this mentione is being told a fatal disease no cure for it.  
What happens next is doctors recommend getting your affairs in order.  Any trips you have postponed that you should go ahead and do them soon.  That anyone you want to go visit or help or get forgiveness from do that right a way. 

Basically they give news that is referencing death and a expiry date.  To take care of unfinished personal matters and business, another words a bucketlist.  Which includes places you always wanted to go do and things wanted to eat and drink.  All kinds of things are on that list even crazy things, well crazy to someone. 

This is a life of things that you want to do, see, and experience.  Just like a bucklist.  But with a huge difference it is not linked to any bad news nothing negative.  Meaning you are not going to die another way to put it, no expiration date given, of death.  Why not live, your life?  
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Why hold back until you are told about death then you live your life.  What is holding you back.  Usually that is you who is doing the holding back.  Something inside you decides enough is enough I am living my life right now!
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By living your life you have made the choice to be bold.  To go and do things you dreamt of doing, seeing, eating, and drinking.  LifeLists are way cool as you scratch things off of it, you can keep adding more and more too it.  Creating more fun times, more memories, and a lot of times shared memories. 

What memories do you remember the most?  What matters to you more having a bucketlist, filled with regrets or a lifelist filled with happiness, positive attitude, and goals being fulfilled?

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Be bold my friend, be bold live life, and start that LifeList now.

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