Not a New Idea But a New Way to See Grace

Not a New Idea But a New Way to See Grace


Free Image: Jeremiah for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you

Not a new idea but a new way to see Grace, to help you understand about Jesus.  Each of these is done to be merely examples and they might seem different or extreme to some people, but it is to help you understand grace a lot better.  So do let me know which one works better and share some of your own with everyone by commenting below, remember to share this published post, and like it or plus 1 it whenever you have shared it at or seen it. Thanks everyone!

With me
Without me
With me
Without me

When you are with Jesus here is very small amount of the blessings.  Because I cannot list them all, that is a very extensive list of blessings.

GOD loved you first so you might love Him
I came to give life and life more abundantly
He who is in you is greater than he who is in this world
As Jesus is so am I in this world
Restore my soul
Rejuvenated my youth like that of the eagles

Again ..
With me
Or without me

With Jesus there is so much more blessings, praise the Lord we are so blessed by His perfect finished works done upon that cross, amen.

Either you are under Grace or Not
I am not all bad. I am not a bad person there are some good things that I do. I did not kill anyone, so no murder. I did not rape anyone or attack the neighbor.

Either you are focused on “self” or you are focusing on “Lord Jesus Christ”.  Either you are a sinner or you are not a sinner.  Jesus came to die; He did that upon the cross for you, you, and you and me!  Again either you are a sinner or not?  You cannot be partially saved by your good deeds and words and the rest of you is saved by our Lord Jesus. 

Free Image by Ephesians 2:4-5

Another way to see Grace (Lord Jesus)
It is raining outside as the clouds grow darker and the rain thickens. The rain comes down hard and harder and even grows louder as it hits the concrete and the yard around the building.  Looking out at this thick rain it becomes more like a white fog with white noise. 

Will the rain fall upon the pre believer and the believer yes?  Why?  Because when both are blessed, then both are blessed.  That means a pre believer owns a business hires employees of various positions.  Now the believers are hired there too, along with the pre believers; they are both blessed with positions and their families are blessed.

Can anyone step into the rain and not get wet?  GOD gave Moses the Law and he brought it down to us, following His instructions.  But had he not broken the stones all would have died.  Moses went back up and came down again with new Law. But later our Lord Jesus came and brought grace and truth! 

One is servant and ONE is the Son of GOD almighty.  Which will abide in the house forever a servant or the Son of the Father?  Remember who owns the house, the Father; the Son will inherit the house from the Father.
Free Image: Grace undeserved unmerited unearned favor

We need grace upon grace! 
We need grace every day, not some day, not one, not some time or another time.  We need JESUS every day of the week of every month of every year.  We need our Lord Christ Jesus every moment for all eternity.  

For all those that want Jesus in your life, need His love, mercy, grace and truth in your life right now say, amen (so be it).   

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