Social Speak & Social Habit Part 2

Social Speak & Social Habit Part 2

You know it was going to happen eventually, right?  Well here it is, part 2, this part is focused on examples of social speak and it is up to you is it a social habit or not a social habit with you.  Did you miss Social Speak or Social Habit Part 1?  Just click right HERE

Free Image: Another form of Media

Social Speak, is something we have heard before in media, and for those that are not aware of what “media” is referring too. Media is a general term used to reference CDs CD-Rs, HD DVDs, DVD, BlueRay DVDs, various things on the Internet and much more. Look above at another form of media.

Social Speak
I’m just sayin
Are we good
You worked hard
I’m Batman
You have failed this city
My bad

Some of these have come and gone but they do help to give reference to various types of social speak.  There are a lot more than this and you can share some in the comments below.  A few of them are my favorites, but do we really need to use them?  Why do we use them?  Often these things that we say is away of expressing yourself. 

But we lose sight of the very things we have also been taught by social speak.  A lot more familiar to many of you are these listed below.

Generational Speaking
Get a good education to get a good job
Your barn door is open
One small step for man
We're still in the industrial age
I don't understand this generation 

It is like these high heels. When you seek a good education and a good job. But you speak and act as though you are not well educated or holding a position in any company as an employee or boss or owner. It just looks and sounds wrong.

Free Images: High Heels worn backwards..

We all have heard them and incorporated them into our daily vocabulary.  Too exclude anyone of them would seem very odd.  But it defeats the purpose of spending all that money, time, energy, loss of sleep, and perhaps for some worry and stress.  To obtain a good grade and continue to get good grades, yet be defeated by merely saying something we learned socially or to “fit in” as to what society has deemed socially normal.  
Free Image: Shows Transform Your Body Language

Remember we have also wanted to be different by doing our own thing, visually seen in by our clothes we have worn.  Spoken based on our social interactions with family and friends, which gives us more of a unique voice to be heard.  We push for these things.  What we say is a reflection of our clothing. 

Do you agree that our clothing, our style, our way of speaking is all tied together?  Do you see the Social Speaking is all around you and me every day?
Give me some examples of social speaking?  

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