What All means ALL?

What, All means ALL?

Free Image: Christ died for us

This time around I will share with you some of the conversations that were shared with me over the years.  That means you are going to get a random summary of just some of them.  Let me know if you have heard any of these before? 

Apples on sale
Years ago talking with some customers and they had asked me are all of these on sale?  I replied, yes all the golden delicious red apples are on sale.  Then I had pointed to the sign that stated that golden delicious red apples are on sale.  Then I was asked it’s not the green apples?  I replied, no, just the produce that has the signage mentioning the sales.  If it not marked it is not on sale. 

Pennies make cents
During the time I was tutoring math to classmates one of the questions asked about 100% and to give all to Sally since it is her earnings from yesterday.  Today’s’ earnings would be David’s which is 40% and the rest to Sally.  Eventually they asked about she gets all and not 60%?  I replied, yes she gets all for yesterday according to the math question.  They said how much is that?  I replied, all. They asked me what amount?  What percentage is it?  All of it, it is 100%, that’s why it is called all.

It happens
Talking with a sell clerk about buying all the clothes but wanted to put them on hold until the big sale on Thursday.  Sales clerk told me to wait and I was confused.  She explained that on Thursday there will be a certain type of sale and I will save a lot more.  After trying all those clothing, I hit my limit of trying on, or looking at any more clothing.  I said, I would just buy them all now. But need to get these two pair jeans in my size. 

The other clerk went to look and the one that was most helpful went to help another person.  End result she says she would look and did not, then the first sells clerk came back and found out that I was not helped.  That’s when I decided to go eat dinner and come back on Thursday when the have the big sale.  I had saved over $500 UDS by coming back! 

Then informed the department manager of the entire story and said you lost $500 all this could have been avoided.  Manager was angry and started to scold the girl who told me of the sale.  I said all of you anger is wasted on the wrong girl.  All this is not her fault it is yours for doing a poor job and all this on the second sells clerk for not looking properly for the jeans.  Because what I had learned on that Thursday they had my size in stock two days ago.  But I did not want to waste more time and I was very hungry that day, from having my shopping taking longer than expected.  That pushed my lunch back so far it was dinner time.  It happens some times like this where someone says it is all gone or it is all your fault, even I said it back then, hence sharing that in this recap of what had happened.

Free Image: Jesus paid it ALL

What, all is all? Yes all means all it is 100% that means the entire or whole thing or all those people it is all.  All means ALL. When it says all of our sin is paid for at the cross it means all sin.  Jesus died on the cross long before you were born. So what you call the past, is the future to when our Lord Jesus died on that cross.  What you call the present, is still His future, what you call the future, it still the future to when He died on the cross and rose from the grave! 

All means ALL, amen!!!

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