What does Fridays mean to You?

What does Fridays mean to You?

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Some say that they are working towards the weekend.  Some have said they live for Fridays, but what do you say?  Some people tell us they want to have three-day weekends.  That is something a lot of us would want to have right now!

There was a song that talks about “everyone body’s working for the weekend…”
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Sometimes we say things about Fridays like TGIF (Thank GOD Its Friday), not the food place.  What about the other days?  We should appreciate every day of the week and every moment that we breathe.  Ask nearly anyone in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and a lot of them have regrets or they wish they could have just one more day or a “do over”. 

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For a lot of people Friday is a day to work, perhaps working overtime.  All depends upon the schedule that you have and the type of position.  Maybe you are looking to start working for a Three Day Weekends or working on vacationing. 

Some others continue on with their “self development” but we usually do not use that point of reference.  Instead we call it other names and here are a few of them.  Junior College, University, and Personal Training through a network marketing.  There are many ways to expand and build on the education, experiences, and understanding that you already have obtained. 

Where there is life there is change, keep changing.

What does your Friday mean to you?  What will you do this Friday that is different than any other Friday?  You worked all week and for what?  Do not waste the beginning of the weekend. 
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Change your mind and you will change what you say and do.  Change your mind and you will begin to change you and the world around you.  Do not wait until Monday to say what you wish you could do, or will do, and want to do.  Be bold.  Start doing it today, right now.

It’s Friday for many of you and for some it is Saturday.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, no matter what day it is called, do not waste it.  You can either add to your BucketList or you can add to your LifeList. 

Again, what does Friday mean to you?

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