Its Monday What Does Monday Mean To You?

It's Monday 

What Does Monday Mean To You?

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Every day has meaning to us and depending upon what it means to what it overrides.  What that refers to will be explained in this example: today is your birthday and you love birthday parties so much food, gifts, and cake all to be shared with family and friends.  For many of us, it is like that and we will say it’s your birthday and happy birthday, blessed birthday!  So any day you name Monday, or Saturday or Tuesday it does not matter. The birthday or anniversary or your child’s birthday or graduation day will override that idea of how a Monday is and expected to be. 

It is our mindset that determines our day.
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This is about Monday and what does it mean to you.  For some people Monday means doom and gloom start of another workday in school.  More homework, more gym, more English and math, those translate into more reading, writing, and assignments in those classes that are not well liked. 
Also it can relate to classes that you find to be useless for daily things happening in the world.  Such as history class, we do not see how this relates to here and now and figure this just adds more homework to your evenings.  

Payday depends on either a day or date; therefore overriding the usual idea of that day and therefore making it special.

Some people find Mondays to suck!
Working in a lot of jobs, another words companies, a lot of people find this to be the worst of most things that people can list.  Usually it will top the list a lot of you would say it is in the top three on that list of yours.  How many of you say it number ONE on that list of yours? 

However, there are some who say that the worst is when someone you love has passed on.  That would make that day and ate the worst.  So it is important to keep things in perspective on what we perceive to be important.  We know those we love are important it is part of our why list.  Why we do what we do, get out of bed, get ready for the day, go to school, or go to a job.  
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 But we lose focus and get wrapped up in the grind of the things at a job.  Resulting in the loss of time-shared with those you love; family and friends.  Making the Monday more of a dreaded day than many claim it to be. 

Mondays are not any different than any other day, they all have 24 hours, every day can be utilized to bring you closer to your loved ones.  So live the day, work on your goals, and stay focused.  Having trouble do that?  Remember some say no time, no money, and yet!  So many people are sharing amazing stories of how they worked 2 full time jobs or went to college and worked in a job. 
Lets just say you have two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, a brain, a body.  Yes I am emphasizing that you are very much similar to a lot of people.  Since they can do it, you can do it.  

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