Does Dating Apply to Marriage Yes It Does! Part 2

Does Dating Apply to Marriage
Yes It Does! Part 2


This is Part 1 read it before you continue...

How to keep it fresh? 

Do something that you know the other person enjoys, you do it for them, and that brings happiness to you both.  Do something randomly not for any special days; anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, or any other days marked as special.  Do something just a little outside of your comfort zone.  The person loves to dance, but you do not, then go ahead and dance.  Who says you have to do it in front of a group or people.  As long as you are doing it for that person that will help keep it fresh.

Where to start? 

Start with yourself, change your thoughts by reading something new, start with new word(s), and do one new fun, silly, and interesting thing a day.  Good goals to have and the results will surprise you and the person or people you love.  Change your thoughts you change your lifestyle and ask that person your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend for some fashion help.  Yes do it, go outside of your comfort zone and get 1 to 2 new outfits.  Keep having fun, create new memories, and enjoy the fun times.

How to be romantic? 

Now this is bound to surprise someone.  Instead of the usually answers, do this instead prepare things that you know your spouse loves. Quick example, buy a upscale movie ticket, give a little cash, and tell them enjoy their time alone.  Give that person half a day like this with no one they know around them.  That way there is no obligations of that; I am supposing to talk and no expectations of what to say or not say either.  When that person comes back they will appreciate the recharge, the trust, and appreciate you more.  Some agree that the absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

Should I be silly? 

How many times has the person or people that you love wanted to see a type of comedy?  How many times have you wanted to smile, laugh, and enjoy life?  Not sure, what about doing this over the next 5 days take up this challenge.  Write down the name of everyone you love and put a check-mark by their name for each time they laugh, a X by their name for each smile, and a O for laughing a lot.  Include yourself in this; because of course you do love yourself, right? 

So yes be silly, be fun, be funny, do make your life an adventure.  Keep on living, life!

Is being creative important? 

Many of us remember how Wedding Proposals have gone viral (referring to the good viral not the bad viral) and would you want to be remembered for being boring of teasing, fun, creative, another words living life and enjoy every moment of it?

As I asked my wife this question… Do you have to tease me a lot it is like all the time? Can you just tone it down about 300% or 500% to be a lot less teasing?  She answered me with a question: Do you want a boring wife or a super fun, cute, adorable, exciting, energetic, intelligent, and teasing wife?  Of course I said teasing but then asked, how about half and half? She responded with… Cannot! You must pick one. 

So those that you love is creativity, positivity, cute behavior, intelligence, adventurous, and filled with life part of their personality?  Does it really matter to you that they have any of these attributes?  Most likely you said, yes.  Therefore you should be that way too, right?

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