How do you have a Respecting Relationship with someone?

How do you have a Respecting Relationship with someone?

Respect the Relationship
With anyone you know or will meet in the future, respect them.  There are ways to do this, some say do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  Problems with that, many of you are waiting for the other person to do it first then you would do it.  That would be a failure on your part.  They also have said, respect is earned; that is another fail.  Give respect first and you will see a world in entire new way and doors will open for you that you had not been aware of either.  Imagine you watched someone talking with a person who gave respect first to someone they just met.  What would your thoughts be?  Be bold and do it first! 

Forget about they should do it because of your age, or color, or nationality or some other things you can list down.  

You do it and be the leader.  You are the light of the world, be the guiding light in the world.  Respecting anyone is done with words, actions, and that includes words not said and actions not done.  Remember perfect love casts out all fear; He (Jesus) who is in you is greater than he who is in this world, amen.  

Actions not done meaning you do not have to hit them because they hit you first.  Defending yourself is different, but if they hit you once and nothing more than a hit was done, not lasting pain or anything broken.  Then take no actions.

Respecting actions
Opening the door for anyone not because they are helpless or because of gender.  Because you can, you are able, and now are willing to do it.  Smiling affects your mental state and that of others, bring happiness to their heart because you started your smile while looking at the person.  Other types of respecting actions include high fives, hugs, and carrying things to help someone. 

Respecting words
Sir and ma’am are such words that many around the world understand and see as being respectful some might call it being polite.  Words can bring life or death to someone here are some business examples.  You are fired! Another is Today I have some great news, have a seat.  You got the promotion and salary increase! Congratulations!

Shock someone with being awesome today!

Be Bold my friend, walk up to someone say Hi, (start your smiling while looking at the person) and great day!  Always be sincere about any praising words you share and smile knowing you are blessing them and they are going to remember your smile and words.  Think back to when you saw anyone smiling at you.  About how long ago did that happen?  About when someone said something truthful about you but they had noticed?  It had a lasting impact on you; imagine how much of an impact you will have on someone else. 

"Respecting someone is always going to include respecting your-self." -Christopher L.Y.

Respecting yourself
Say praising words, words of affirmation, and remember to speak and believe what you are saying.  Believe what you speak is there and will manifest.  For a believer, your words have power.  When someone you love disrespects you by words, actions or some other method.  Allowing that to happen is disrespecting you.  Ask them to not do it and explain why to help them understand.  Sometimes those that love you, hold you back from your dreams.  Instead they need to be there for you in pursuing your dreams.  Being there for you, when you fail.  When you quit that is when you have truly failed. 

Remember you failed a test or homework assignment or failed to do something on time, or be on time such as an interview.  Did you fail the grade, did you fail to get the job, and did you fail to get the boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse.  Perhaps so, but you did not quit!  Too become a hermit to go and reside in the mountains.

Respect those you love
Respect the person your dating, your marriage, and your spouse.  Remember to clean something without being asked.  Since we have all heard profanity or cussing words.  Would anyone want to hear it, would you?  Of course not and you would be angry with anyone saying that to someone you love; spouse, dad, mom, sister, brother or any other relatives and friends. 

Be Bold in all its forms and that includes respecting you and all the people.  Even when the few that betray you do not lose your cool.  However you need to respect yourself and forgive them and sometimes end that relationship for your own health.

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