Some of My Thoughts that have Inspired Me and Now to Inspire You

Some of My Thoughts that have Inspired Me and Now to Inspire You


We can all learn something new daily, but whether we decide to do that is still a choice to be made by you and me.  Everything written on here is my thoughts.  Either things that existed and added to it or totally and completely mine.  Therefore what is in quotations is mine, much easier for you to identify it. 

"New minds bring new ideas." -Christopher L.Y. 

"There are two main ways to learn anything; direct or in direct but it is all by experience that includes academics." -Christopher L.Y.

"There are at least two sides to every story; it is up to you to find the truth within.

Given enough time all-important truths will be revealed.

You can ask anything you want, does not mean you are ready to hear it or willing to accept it.

For every question you ask there is an answer.  There is no promise that it is an answer you want to hear, but it is answer."

Groundhog Day is a metaphorical illustration, which has the potential to teach us that we are doing the same things over, over, and over again every day.  But we are all given the same number of seconds every day for nearly all of us, exceptions would be for those that were told about “you have this long to live” and it is not based on you wearing suits or some other clothes or some duration of time like ten or twenty years old.  We are all given the same amount of time, and another exception to that is someone being murdered or suicide or.

"Committed to being consistent and consistent to being committed." -Christopher L.Y.

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