We are always told what to do!

We are always told what to do!

Doing what people say YOU cannot do

Did you realize since you were born that you were told what to do?  Did you realize that before you were born that you were told what to do? Today you are still told what to do; even though you have this concept that once you are an adult that you are free of being told what to do.  Perhaps that is why some of you do not like sales?

Did you realize that you are being told what to do, affects you on so many levels?  That being told what to do spills over to how to do it, when to do it, and what not to do and what not to say and what to say.

But you think this is it
We are told what to eat, drink and who to date or not date.  Did you know that you were so deeply affected and the result goes into your education, your experiences, and your choices of family and friends?

Sometimes what we are told to do is based on habits formed by the culture of the collective or community.  Does it make it right or right for the changing times?  For some things it is no, for some things it is yes.  A lot of us have heard of the “industrial age” and the “manufacturing age” does all that applied in either of those ages, apply to this day?  A lot of people have said we are in the “information age” as we look around many people have more access to information than they had in the past.  It is right at their fingertips usually on some type of mobile devices.

But do you know
How to use it to your maximum benefit?  Do you know how to truly do a proper search for any type of information?  Most likely no, but many will think they know how to do it.  Here is an example, searching for “insert company name” scam.  Of course you will find scam linked to any company and service and perhaps things you did not expect.  Search “insert name of fruit” scam and you will find that fruit to be a scam.  

If YOU always do what You've always done

Crazy as this sound s
You are using a search engine to search for things you want to find.  You look up a movie title you find that movie you search for, show times and you find that too.  What happens when you search on words like “internet definition” or “their definition”, well you get the definition of that word. 

Why be surprised you find what you are looking for, to do a proper search on any company and product and services or people. Search for such words as; good, rewards, compliments, record sales, recognitions and other types of words. 

Try to find me a company that literally has nothing bad said about it and I will go work there!  Until then I will continue to be an entrepreneur of travel.  

You wanted to be
Be a leader or be a follower, or one of the many people that are lost?  You are so comfortable with the familiar surroundings you are in, that you believe yourself to be stuck.  That way it is a reason that you built up in your mind, but it is actually an excuse.  

Someone, somewhere, at sometime had said, you can do it, you can be anything you want. 
Or would you rather believe something else?
They said I could be anything I want

Would you have the guts to do something on your own accord? 
Go ahead say yes, say yes, say it, say it!  Yeah I had paraphrased that from a movie, however you have been told what to do for so long.  Can you be the one telling yourself that you can do this, that you can do more, that you can be more, that you can do something different, and become someone different.  

Then you will have a lifestyle change, because you have changed.  Be the change you want, that you need, and do that now. Someday is not on the calendar, get started now.  Stop existing, start living, life.  

Did I tell you what to do, with your own life so that you will have more moments of happiness?  Perhaps less moments for you being bored, sad, depressed, and more fun times.  So as I bring this to a close, strongly consider all this that has been shared with you. 

So are you ready to get started? 

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