Are you Ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Are you Ready for Christmas Eve
 and Christmas Day?
Are you Ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  Lets do a quick checklist of what usually happens every year for Christmas Dinner but many forget to be prepared, sometimes I am not completely prepared for the holidays. As you savor the foods, deserts, and beverages to keep smiling and laughing.  You can build a dinner you can build relationships during that time and during eating meals together, sharing time together.  It can be done while sharing time drinking some beverages; coffee, tea, and water too. So many gifts that can only be shared by you!

Mashed Red Potatoes

Here is a list to get you started and of course you can modify it or simply create your own version suited for your own wants, needs, and lifestyle.  For those that will eat nearly anything but stays within the holiday foods list.  Did you have any of these?  What else did you have that is not on this list?

1.     Ham baked and glazed
2.     Turkey smoked with hickory
3.     Mashed potatoes fresh made (not instant) 
4.     Carrots steamed with butter and a little brown sugar
5.     Corn on the cob with butter 
6.     Cream gravy
7.     Brown gravy
8.     Dinner rolls
9.     Candied yams
10. Green beans and ham with pearl onions
11. Stove Top Stuffing
12. Fried Okra
13. Three bean casserole
14. Teas

Three Bean Casserole

15. Coffee
16. Egg Nogg 
17. Giblet gravy
18. Cauliflower covered with Velveeta cheese
19. Wine Red
20. Milk 2% and Borden Malt Chocolate
21. Borden chocolate milk
22. Macaroni and Velveeta Cheese
23. Black eye peas with bacon pieces
24. Cranberry Sauce chilled
25. Cauliflower with cheese
26. Broccoli steamed
27. Brussel Sprouts
28. Snow peas and chestnuts with pearl onions
29. Pumpkin pie
30. Pecan pie
31. Cool whip
32. Ice Cream Blue Bell, Bryan’s, or Dryer’s.
33. Apple pie
34. Peach Cobbler
35. Apple juice
36. Orange juice 

So many of you will do a last minute type of grocery shopping or gift shopping.  When you celebrate any holiday remember it is only done once a year.  So enjoy the foods, the beverages, and the family and friendships.  Celebration of all these blessings in your life and do not focus on eating, drinking, and doing the same thing’s all the time every year.  It is literally not done all the time.  Another words do not complain about eating the same things.  

Did you like it?  Find meaning in it? 

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Many people in the world are starving for foods and affections.  Remember to enjoy the fellowships with family and friends.  Welcome others and greet them with warmth in words and smiles.  Also to not waste foods finish everything that is on your plate.  Do not waste time, it is a reminder that moments are priceless; be bold and enjoy every moment and is within them, that you will find blessings.  

Merry Christmas, Blessed Christmas, and Seasons Greetings!!!