Eight Awesome Suggestions for People with Shyness Part 1

Eight Awesome Suggestions for People with Shyness Part 1

Do you need help with shyness?  Want to have friends or more friends but your not able to because of being shy?  There are many ways to help but this will narrow it down to eight awesome suggestions.  Since many people have ideas on it but how many were extreme introverts and felt so restricted, hindered, and alone from it?  Being shy is part of being an introvert. 

You can be many things and being an introvert to being talkative to being quiet to being loud all of these stages of being can be done.  Remember if it is within your grasp, you can reach it.  

 Being able to stand or being able to fall or being able to stay right where you are is all in your power, the power of choice.  You can continue being shy or being the person you want to be! 

One of my mentors, the best part she is friend and had shared this with me.  I will put it in my words.  Why say, "he can do it, why can’t I?" Instead say it this way, "he can do it, I can do it!"  Thanks Mitch! I paraphrased what you had shared with me and summarized it too.

So do not say negative things that is putting your thoughts your focus on the wrong things in the wrong direction.  Let me pause here for a moment and ask you a few rhetorical questions.

What kind of person do you want to be?
What kind of person, do need to help you?

Keep these questions in mind along with “I can” and forget the, “I cannot” and “how can I do” and “how can I say”.  What you focus on expands, many of us have heard it before and you want to find out how true that is just stare at floor tiles with lines on them or think of anyone you know of that is depressed. Ask them something’s and you learn they focus a lot on negative things.  A lot of what they think about never happens to them. 

This concludes Part 1 but wait there is more!  Coming out is Part 2 be sure to stop back by to read the Eight Awesome Suggestions for People with Shyness Part 2!

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