New Years Eve the Big Day to a New Year

New Years Eve the Big Day to a New Year


Why do you celebrate? 
Some reasons you can stick on your list for celebrating on New Years Eve.  Being healthy and whole.  Having family, friends, and perhaps you have a job, a career, or you are self-employed; another words an entrepreneur.  Celebrations can include having a wedding, a new baby, and completion of another year. 

What will you do tonight?
Many ways to celebrate but here are some quick and yet obvious choices.  Going to a friend’s party, having your own party and inviting your friends over.  Some times that happens but is often not mentioned that some people will stay alone at home.  Also some others would join family and share moments together like music, movies, or watching TV or playing games together.  

Did you do a New Years Resolution for 2015 or did you have several resolutions?
There are a several parts to this answer of having resolutions, to keep doing living life.  It is not a hard choice but it is hard work and then add to it smart work.  Then it is will be all worth it.  Smart work is doing what you love and love what you do.  The hardest part is when you first start the next is realizing you are a volunteer, and for many you will begin to earn money. 

You can focus on what was or what will be or what is and accomplish a little each day.  After you look back you will see a little chances is like dropping a penny a day into glass jar.  The results seem so little but after a month you see a noticeable change within that jar.  Your resolutions can be just like that so do not give up and stay focused on your plan to achieve your goals.

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Did you get to complete any of them on your list?
Do not worry about the failures of the past as a mentor of mine had shared with me.  Your past does not determine what you will do!

How many are goals that become your lifestyle? 
At this point someone is asking what does that mean?  Stop smoking is one of the most common to hear about or losing weight is another and exercise.  Each of these is in the top three for a lot of people and once you start it becomes a lifestyle change it’s a goal. 

Maybe these are in your top twenty lists but perhaps your list is bigger than that or you keep things short and simple like a top five list.  Is this in your list: travel, cooking, college, job, self-employment, self-development, spouse, children, and more friends? 

“How do you see this year is how you will start next year.” –Christopher L.Y.


Happy New Years Eve to each and every one of you!