Shouting Out To All of Your Friends


Shouting Out To All of Your Friends

Many of you have friends but who contacts whom first?  Why do you contact them?  How often do you contact them?  Are you sure they are your friend or you are their friend? 

We all have a friend so give them a shout out right now!

This is to all our friends near and far from where we are right now.  No matter what you are doing stop and share this post to show you thought of that person.  Even for ONE MINUTE it still shows that person that you thought of them!
Now lets cover the questions above…
Many of you have friends, but who contacts whom first?
Well you did contact someone this day or this week or this month.

Why do you contact them?
Because they are your friends you do it.  That is ALL the reason that you need and want!  It can be to meet up for anything, food, beverage, sharing good things and good information.  Just saw this cool movie so you invite them for beverage and tell them how cool it is without giving away spoilers to ruin the movie for them.  No one likes spoilers for movies so when they invite you to share information stop asking so many questions.  It is not an interrogation and it is not a phone interview, you are friends so just ask when, where to meet up and just do it!  

How often do you contact them?
What you have done, do not allow it to limit what you can do.  You are able and capable of contacting them then do it.  There are many ways to do it like social media apps (Facebook, Whatsapp, Line) and of course phone calls.  Let’s never forget to do the best of them all, meeting in person! 

“What makes good memories great memories? When the memories you have created, are shared with people that you love, and that you like.” –Christopher L.Y. 

Are you sure they are your friend or you are their friend? 
This is a rhetorical question to get you to think of those that you know and that know you.  But it is to remind you to contact them and be the friend that you want others to be towards you.  Do not wait for them to always contact you.  Stop over thinking things that is preventing you from just being a friend.  
Stop worrying about what other people think or you will not enjoy your life.  Start living your life and keep on living, life!  Now to flip it around, stop denying your friend from their dreams and encourage your friend.  

 Give your friend a shout out with encouragement of your relationship of their dreams and share this blog post with them to encourage them to do the same thing you just did too.  

Take up this challenge share it with 3 of your friends and say at least one praising and sincere word to each of your friends.

Did you like it?  Find meaning in it? 

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