My Super Hero is Jesus

My Super Hero is Jesus

Today I heard about my Super Hero.  How those doing wrongly accused and fought to undermine Him.  They had Him in a public area, accusing and cornered. Imagine the glaring looks of hatred and disapproval.

Waiting to attack and see Him fail.  But not just fail privately or in a small way. With Him being in the middle of teaching, of sharing, of saving you, me, them, all of us.

Then suddenly a woman caught breaking the law.  Cast before Him in the midst of them all.  Imagine the whispers, we all have done that; imagine the complaining amongst the crowds.

Do you see this Teacher?  Do you see this Man?  Do you see this Healer?  Do you see the Savior of us all?  Yet those leaders sought a way to find fault and a way to punish Him.  So focused on finding faults using and perhaps even abusing the law.  The world has grown dark and continues to become darker.  Some people not seeing it, some people not realizing it, because it creeps over us all slowly.  Like a sickness infecting many.  

But today I was reminded that He came for me, for you, for all.  Let me get back to where the woman had been dragged into the middle of people in an important gathering of people and leaders.  As they were ready to attack, to discredit, and punish Him, because it was not really about the woman, it was all about Jesus. 

He, who wrote and understands fully why the law was given.  Shown them light, knowledge, and glory.  All at once! He showed them grace and truth, even mercy. Right then and there with such power in every word and more weight to His words than gold and any known substance named.  Certainly much more important and valuable than what is spoken by man. 

Think back to an embarrassing moment a time of being accused.  Especially when you are guilty of breaking that law; that means you had sinned!  Now think of your worst enemy catching you in the actual act of law breaking of sinning.  Now being surrounded by those accusers and the people of that city.  Too many, many you are known and now it is revealed to the world.

Before you and so many.  But one that is before you is the Judge, the Healer, the Man, the Savior, the King of kings, and Son of almighty GOD Himself.  Yet all of this is not revealed then but it is now.  To all that have ears to hear and eyes to see; that He shall reveal to them all, the believers.  
When one of the most pivotal moments came it is at the cross.  Nearly all of us are unaware of how things were happening and why it happened.  At the cross many things He took did perfectly for He is the Son of GOD.  Therefore He is perfect in all that He says and does, He is my Super Hero Jesus!  

Ever thought about what is happening on the cross?  A lot of us have seen Passion of the Christ; we saw the physical beatings, piercings, crown of thorns and much more.  What about why He came?  He came to full fill the law and to wash away all sin and all means all, right?  There was a spiritual side of this that which is unseen by man, but taking place as Jesus was going through all those physical punishments for us.  He who knew no sin, did no and has no sin within Him.  Had taken on all the sin for all of man.  All means all that includes the past, present, and future all for us.

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