Photos of the Bay near Marina Bay Sands

Photos of the Bay near Marina Bay Sands

Ever pause from what you had planned to do that day?  Well majority of the time we do what others want, and forget to pause.  We are busy with studies usually means parents want us to graduate from school or college.  We are busy with a job, usually means someone in management or a colleague has us working.  Again we forget to pause and that does not mean it is day’s or weeks, or does it?  Well we can pause for longer or shorter periods of time.   

Let’s pause right now and looking at some photos taken by Eileen a contributor to PoisedToReign blog and remember I am the Bloggist.  To me that sounds cool so does Author.  

See how I just did a pause there from our plan to pause, by seeing photos.  A pause can be short like that too.  So leave comments telling Eileen and myself what photos you prefer and how you have paused from a job, or schooling? 

Enjoy the photos…
Bay View

City Bay View
Bay View Boardwalk

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