Asked and Answered Online Radio DJ Dreaming of Music

Asked and Answered: Online Radio DJ Dreaming of Music

Hi everyone and welcome to this section of my blog called Asked and Answered.  This time around we are talking with Ed who is an up and coming Online Radio DJ star.  We are going to be sharing some photos as he pursues his dreams.

Me: So we have chatted many times over the years, but for those reading about you for the first time or hearing about your dreams of being a DJ.  We can start with what you prefer to be called Ed or Eddie?  So share some things about yourself, your family, and friends?

Ed: Ed is fine; Eddie is for business. –ha-ha I am 21, I work for a Quick Lube (oil service) shop, and Internet radio DJing is a hobby I hope to turn into a second career. My first career dream is to build a business that restores classic cars. I have my mom, brother, and dad as immediate family. I live with my mom and brother and my dad lives very close in a neighboring city. I have a few friends and most of them have moved away for college, but I have a few that still stay in touch and a couple that didn’t leave for college. I’m a family oriented man, and I treat my best friends like they are family.

Me: What has you interested in being a DJ?

Ed: I always loved hearing my favorite songs on the radio, and I used to think, ‘What if I could be the one playing someone else’s favorite song on the radio?”
So here I am today using internet-radio as a hobby to hopefully learn how to be a great DJ that helps people reunite with their favorite childhood songs or bands and even shed light to new artists/bands/groups that have potential of changing the world in a good way. Music is powerful, and music is my life. Everything I do involves me humming, whistling, or singing a favorite tune ha-ha. I also love sports and giving my opinion is something I’m good at, whether or someone wants to hear that opinion, I share it anyways. 

Photos provided by: Ed

Me: How many songs do you have and do you allow requests?

Ed: I have about 40 songs right now. Being a free member on Spreaker I can only have so many songs (by data size) so it’s hard to have a lot of songs. I do allow requests but it’s a little hard because I may have to actually download the tune before putting it into my music library. Although that is why I usually do two episodes (½ hour each) to allow for a request to be played near the end of the first episode or the beginning of the second one.

Me: I’m going ask about photos of the sport cars and caps (lids).  Why the interest in collecting them? When did you start your collection?
(Insert 2 photos of sport cars & caps inserted here via the blog)

Ed: I’ve been a memorabilia collector from the start! I was born into a huge sports family. We love everything Detroit! Red Wings (hockey), Pistons (basketball), Tigers (baseball), and Lions (football-United States). We are also huge University of Michigan fans in basketball and football. I love ball caps. I usually always wear one. So it was easy to collect those. Throughout my life family members have given me sports memorabilia from my favorite sports teams for birthday and Christmas gifts. My dad has been a mechanic for 35 years, so it was easy getting into sports cars. I myself am now a technician at an oil change shop called Gary’s Quick Lube. Sports, cars, and music keep’s my life in balance and helps me realize that I really do have a purpose in life.
Photos provided by: Ed
Photos provided by: Ed

Me: What are the next steps in completing your dreams?

Ed: My next steps are to keep working the job I have to save up money. I’m currently building my credit score via my bank, and some other things so that in the future it will be good enough to start my own business. From there it will be all about setting up the plans for the business getting the facility built and moving forward. I also plan to have an office for my internet-radio show and making it an official company via trademarks, copyrights, and a business license.

Me: I’ve got to ask this are you going to be a professional fisherman or this a hobby?  Because from this photo we can see that you caught something so do share with our readers and is there a story behind catching this fish?
(Insert via blog the 2 photos of Ed fishing)

Ed: About 2 years ago I recently moved back into my hometown of Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S.A. The fish were caught in one of my favorite fishing spots from when I was growing up. As for now fishing is a hobby. I’d like to enter professional fishing tournaments later in life, like maybe when I’m close to retirement. Fishing is the fourth and final piece of my balance beam. The four edges, sports, cars, music, and fishing all wrap around my family, which is the center of my life’s balance. 
Photos provided by: Ed

Me: Thanks for sharing so many photos with me and some will have to wait until our next post to be published on my blog.  Do share with our readers and perhaps soon to be listeners.  How they can tune into your broadcasts and any links that you have?   
Ed: You’re welcome and there are a few ways to listen in via:
and please visit our official websites below:
also contact us via e-mail at
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Me: Thank you Ed for joining me and sharing today some good things going on with you and I welcome you and your radio audience to follow my blog.

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