Asked and Answered Pursuit of Dreams the Next Step

Asked and Answered: Pursuit of Dreams the Next Step

Welcome to my blog and today we are going to catch up with Tad.  To find out what has happened in the last few weeks.  To see what new images he has to share along with his next step in achieving his dreams.

Me: Tad thank you for joining us today.  Have you completed any new levels to the game?

Tad:  I have completed a couple more levels in the last two weeks.  Been working hard to try and push for an earlier release date, which is TBD (to be determined).

Me: Do you have any new images to share with us?

Tad: No new images to share, as it’s really just been programming that has been done, nothing really new on the graphics side of things.

Me: For those that missed out on the previous Asked and Answered take a look at Pursuit of Dreams and Pursuit of Dreams Continues.  I do understand that you will do another Kickstarter Campaign.  Any estimation of when you will start that up again?

Tad: No, have not set a new date for the next KickStarter campaign.  I believe we will be waiting until we get a little closer to our release date.

Me: As we are about to wrap things up here.  Any hobbies or activities you want to share with us?   

Tad:  If I am not programming on Trapped! I am working on a movie that we are planning, preparing the second game and a cartoon series that we will be starting soon.  Otherwise, just sitting back with the fianc√© watching movies or spending lots of time with our kids.

Me: That’s it for this A and A, we are going to wrap it up.  Thanks Tad for taking some time from your business and sharing with us.  Remind our readers of any websites you have.

Tad: You can find us at:

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