Does that sound like Networking to you?

Does that sound like Networking to you?

That's called Networking.  Even in IT they use terms of Networking and LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).  Now image groups of computers and more groups then groups of groups of computers.  That is called, Internet but it all stems from Networking".  Imagine people doing the same thing, but doing it for business reasons we call that network marketing.

There are other terms that came out like MNC (Multi National Company or Corporation) basically it’s a global company that they have several location around the world and  that is another type of networking.

Could this be how the good idea of networking came out?  So many ideas have come from studying plants, animals, and insects.
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Online Network Types
Don’t you know that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter now labeled as Social Media or Digital Social Media.  Confused yet?  Again it is really networking but most people do not call it that, why not call it what it is? Got you thinking a little right? 

In-Person Network Types
During our school days some groups of people were referred to as geeks, nerds, jocks, hippies, freaks, and many other labels. But that is another form of Social Networking. 

Metaphor Illustration Networking Types
If you were to illustrate that as IT terms. Then it would be OS X, Windows, Linux, and Unix.  With the right software they can network with each other and yet they work best within their own types or groups of OS (Operating Systems).  

But some people think differently, so could this be how networking came about? 
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Some times software is outdated when we would just upgrade it and its going to run faster, more user friendly, and compatible with more peripherals.  Lets switch that to terms referring to people. That means one person bought new clothes, now able to be accepted by more people, along with getting a clean and fresh haircut, and attitude changes to some degree.  Therefore we will hear some new words and tones; a change in speech.  That is going to make the same things they do happen faster, such as people accepting that person.

Person is the same person, same name, same face, same education, and same ego.  A lot of the things have remained the same, except we see it as only the appearance that has changed.  The others seeing this person if you want to call them users is, indeed users.  Does sound offensive?  But it is accurate we either use what information they shared with us, or we use certain words they had been said, or we use their perspectives.  Those perspectives will change our mind and in turn our speech and attitude.  We allow this to continue and we will have growth from such teachings that happen directly and in-directly.  

But here is a better perspective of networking and how overflow or spillover came about. 
Botanic Gardens Singapore - Photo by: Eileen GY
Lets pause a moment and I will clear that up for you on users.  When you heard that your friend watched Iron Man and then he says a line from that movie. Well that line came from a writer.  So a lot of people will add that line from the movie as their way of expressing themselves.  Do you remember “I’ll be back” and what movie it was from or who had said it?  What about something much more recent like the song from a movie, “everything is awesome”.  Do you remember both of those or something else that was said even in commercials?  Many of us heard of at least one of them and we have said it at one time or another in our lives.  We just used it maybe without thinking and realizing that we are users of a type.

I am going to continue with the ideas about the various types of networking in the world.  We used, these terms, these words, these expressions and sayings.  To be upgraded, to be updated, to be accepted, and to be more accepted?  Perhaps, we were doing that or all of those things?  We even went as far as saying, “I am different”, “I am not a sales person”, or “I am doing this so people know I am different.”  And maybe you are, but are you really or just seeking to network in a way you have not seen yet.

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