Drinking too much or drinking too much?

Drinking too much or drinking too much?

Most likely that got the attention of a lot of people.  Before I get into what drinking that I was doing. 

Let's start with why people drink.  Many reasons people drink, but I want to keep it to some of the reasons.  Of course if you think of any more.  Then take action and leave a comment.  Thanks in advance to everyone that did that.

Phuket Island: Do you know the name of it?
Back to that list of why people drink.  For some it is thirst, for others it is the taste they are missing, and some others it is a habit.  While some may argue that it is thirst, but it is actually for the majority it is the thought telling them they need it or want it. 

Singapore (SG): Cokes

What are you truly thirsty for?  When you do drink it, did it quench your thirst?  Did you need it?  Did you want it?  What do you drink most?  

The Thirst
This might seem like the same as the rest but to me it is not. This is when your body needs to replenish the fluids.  What many of us are aware of is hydration or drinking.  Do you know we need to hydrate through out the day and night?  Not just when thirsty, by the time you do it, when there is a thirst, that you have already been dehydrated.  

SG: Water

The Taste
This one is interesting to some this might be like the chicken and the egg, which came first?  Well you need to drink it before you know that you like or dislike it.  But we tend to prejudge the drink by its look or smell even the container to which it is presented to us in.  All of this adds to the perception of how good or awful the taste will be.  But will it be tasteless or awful or good.  Tasting something does not mean you have to or not to know it’s horrible or does it?  Think of something you like and a friend does not based on the smell, or odor.  Tasting does not mean drinking it all just means a taste or another way to put a sip.  Once we tasted it that’s when it gets dropped into the need or the want and can become the habit.  

South Korea: Delicious & like the original Sprite
The Habit
There is where some will say it’s a habit as though it can be stopped any time they want, therefore not a habit.  But that has been said about the addiction some others will say that they not addicted.  But I am digressing a little, lets stick with the habit.  Well there is the definition of habit (http://www.webster-dictionary.org/definition/habit).  Perhaps we can say that the habit and addiction are two sides of the same proverbial coin?  Does a habit become a need or a want, now those pose interesting questions?  Without getting to in depth on this I would say the habit stems from one of those then the root of it is further down. 

The Need
Well for some drinking water is a way of life or part of a diet for others it a need.  How is water a need that means they cannot afford to buy drinks like Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, A&W Root Beer, IBC Root Beer or Beer or OceanSpray.  For them it’s cost and they need to not buy it, it’s become their habit, their way of life. But stems from a need to avoid costs.

The Want
For some others many of drinking a sweet or beer or liquor is seen as a want.  Many of us are familiar with this one the most and those of us remembering our childhood days or let loose our child side.  Remember SixFlags or Disneyland and Disney World?  Wants like drinking hot chocolate, drinking a cold beer, and drinking teh (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teh_tarik).  Yes, that is one of my want drinks; especially for Singapore it has become one of my favorite hot drinks.  The way they make tea with milk is not the same way made in America.  I have had it from Thailand and Vietnam again it is not the same.  But when you describe it, you can ask for teh or ask for “tea with milk, hot or cold”.  

 Drinking too much or drinking too much?  Now why did I ask that question and why in that way, well to bring this post to a close.  We’re going to cover that in the next paragraph and I do welcome to hear from each of you want you learned, liked, and helped you.  Plenty of negatives in this world you want to share that alright, just let us know and why.  But lets not rant about things or use harsh words we never know who is reading this, it could be your daughter or son or your father or mother. 

Phuket Island: Blue Lagoon. How thirsty are you?

We’re going to splash right in here.  We drink but are still thirsty so drink more water and there are affects to drinking mineral water to your body.  Not all minerals are the same some are needed just like drinking Gatorade and the electrolytes it provides, replenishes the body.  So keep this quote in mind, “To little or to much of anything is bad for you.” –Christopher L. Y. We drink and feel that we drank enough, but need to drink more, and drink of the right things.  Right things refer to what your body; did you go running, did you do a lot of yard work, then drink water, Gatorade, and mineral water.  Always drink filtered water and there are many types of filtering out there to choose from. 

Drinking my style is about drinking what I want and not worrying about it.  But still keeping limits on it; you do want to find out why right?  To me it is because when you limit it and next time you drink it, then you savor the moment, that experience, and that taste and aroma so much more.  Drinking water, milk with tea (Teh aka Teh Tarik) one of my favorites in Singapore. Coke, Sprite, Ribena, and Dr. Pepper when it can be found.  Once in awhile I will taste new drinks like Coffee & Tea and yes that is one drink.  I have had some drinks hot and cold.  Remember, “To little or to much of anything is bad for you.” –Christopher L.Y.   

Photographed by Eileen
Left: Kopi & Right: Teh
What do you drink?  

(All photos on post "Drinking too much or drinking too much" is photographed by Eileen G.Y.)

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