Reality of a Movie

Reality of a Movie

To me every book, eBook, blog, article, TV show, and movies.  When they to break away from the reality set forth by the author of the origins of a story it fails.

Let those that turn that story into what becomes the next evolution as it were.  To continue on from its origins, by keeping focus on the origin of it, but when you evolve it beyond to where it is merely a shell of what it was.  Then it has become a spin off a fabrication of itself.  Something in name in appearance but not in it’s depth of story and characters.

Or it would not be made into a new media. Such as book to movie or blog to book or made into a movie format, it is already experiencing newness to it.  What, has been seen in comic books to film to TV series and the movies.

Again, to me, once they go beyond the reality set into that story.  However unrealistic it is in this world.  Bare in mind in the world, the writer whom authored it, it is real to the story line.

When it is taken from there into another form, altered in the story or characters. It has lost the appeal.  The audience has for it quick example different types of Batman movies and how the viewers reacted and today still respond to them.

We all know that Superman puts removes the suit and glasses.  Then we, the audience are to know that he is, Superman.  Instead we accept him as Clark Kent.  But strangely we add in that he can fly and a lot of people can accept that.  So much more than they can accept the glasses and what they can do.  Hiding whom he is, the “man of steal”, Superman.

A great movie, but this one was changed compared to the comic books.  The newest version Superman kills some one; so many were angry over this even the changes to his custom.

Transformers cartoon to some; to others it is an animated series. But the works we see displayed in the big movie screens (Silver Screens).  Has changed all that and a lot more.  The actual transformations, again some people are not keen about it.  For many, many others it is the story.  Not happy with the film makers showing too much on humans and we all remember a hot leading lady, the girlfriend, dating a nerd type of guy.

Seriously was he even a nerd?  Well either way, why is that strange?  When you have robots that transform, have personalities, and a few wanting to destroy anything to achieve its goal.

Next up, Dinobots and the movie changed even more.  What was seen in the Transformer trailer appears to be Optimus Prime as he sat on the back of the largest Dinobot ever in any production of the Animated Transformers series. 

Would you like to hear more on “Reality of a Movie”?  What movies come to mind that escaped their reality? 

Thank you everyone for reading my on-going posts on my blog.  It will cover many subjects and a few stories.  These blogs will continue as you continually read, share, and comment on my blogs.