Singapore Botanic Gardens in April 2014

Singapore Botanic Gardens in March of 2014

Imagine your Saturday where did you share your time and with whom?  Or did you do some thing different and take a break perhaps?  Maybe you do what many call “me time” we all need that and fully understand it.  Do you?  
Photo A1 by: Eileen GY

Photo A2 by: Eileen GY

Well Eileen was enjoying her Saturday and went over to have a leisurely stroll around the Botanic Gardens right near to the appropriately named Botanic Gardens MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).  As you can see there are many types of things to see within the Botanic Gardens.   
Photo A3 by: Eileen GY

When you had your last me time?  Where did you go, what did you do, and how long ago was it?  Something to keep in mind whilst reading this published post and do take your time. 

Photo A4 by: Eileen GY
Photo A5 by: Eileen GY
Photo A6 by: Eileen GY

Look out for the animals in a few of the photos.

Photo A7 by: Eileen GY

Someone has their eye on you.   -Haha
Photo A8 by: Eileen GY
Photo A9 by: Eileen GY

Photo A10 by: Eileen GY

 Anyone know what this bird is called?
Photo A11 by: Eileen GY

Photo A12 by: Eileen GY

Did you pick a direction to have some "me time"?  What do you call?
Photo by: Eileen GY

We all need some alone time, but I prefer to call it "me time" and that can be fun times too.  Many different ways to have an enjoyable day.  Imagine walking along the beach, or a garden, or going bike riding.  Some like to go hiking, watch a movie in the theatre.  Then there are some like Eileen and I, we like to do these things and go traveling.  Did you enjoy the photos?  Remember to vote for which of these photos is the best.  Example voting by "A2" and of course you can leave a comment and say why you liked that one or each of them. 

All the photos are by Eileen

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