A Story from the Father to My Child

A Story from the Father to My Child

A story for a child of the most high GOD.  When the child asked how big are you, how big?  Because the troubles surrounding me a very, very big.  As GOD smiles the sky became filled with sunshine, bright but not hurtful to the young eyes.

The child asked again how big are you my GOD?!  GOD continues to smile and winds came moving all the dark clouds were pushed away. Allowing more and more into the rich ever increasing beautiful blue sky.

Then a voice answered the young child.  My beloved child whom I love and well pleased with.  I am bigger than you can imagine and bigger than you see.

Child asks GOD again so how big are you for my problems are huge, very huge and I see no way around them.  They are to many for me to deal with.

I am bigger than all that you seek in this world. I am bigger than the sky that you see now.  Then the winds began to increase, as the day became night.  I am bigger than the distance of the stars from the earth; that is far from you.  My little child, have you counted all the stars?  No my GOD.

Even though these distances are huge so very far from you, I am with you now; I shall not leave you nor forsake you.  Have you measured how far every star is from you? No my GOD.

When you speak wicked words, bad words to those you love do they not harm them?  Yes my GOD they are hurt by them, but I do not mean to harm anyone.  My child do you have to say such words to those you love?  No my GOD.

Do you know every word in your language?  No my GOD.  Then why do you question what I know and My ways?  My GOD I do not know the answer, why is it this way?  My child who knows more the baby, the child, the dad or the Father in Heaven whom created all in all of all things?

So beloved child are you still seeing your troubles as big and your problems as huge?  No my GOD.  Those troubles and problems you spoke of did you know they are bad words?  That I already know they are there.  Yes my GOD I know now, so what shall I do to have them leave my life?  My child, speak favor over your life, praising words to those you love, and sing praises in bad and good times.  Seek and ye shall find, do you seek bad things or good in this world?  Good things!  Then my child why do you speak of bad when you seek good?  Just ask and seek good at all times. 

My dear little child do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Yes my GOD.  Then know that I am GOD and you are my dear little child, do you know what this means to you?  For I already know that You are already my King of kings and Lord Jesus.  Yes, You are my Abba, my Father, and my GOD!

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