Asked & Answered: Pursuit, Endure, and Achieve Your Dreams

Asked & Answered: Pursuit, Endure, and Achieve Your Dreams

For those that missed the earlier published post in the Asked and Answered series.  I recommend that you start with Asked and Answered Pursuit of Dreams.
It is time to catch up with Tad.  Many on Facebook are reading a few updates from him.  Some have asked what is he working on and what is this about and what will he do.  Let’s find out what he is doing and why.

Me: Tad, thanks for taking a little time now to get us caught up on things.  From what I saw on Facebook you started a new project about a film that will look like a documentary.  Is that correct?  What is this film about?

Tad: It’s a documentary style motion picture, basically a found footage horror.  As far as what it is about, we have not yet started production on it yet.  But as we get closer to finishing the film, the plot will be ready. Also let me state, this is not stopping our computer game from being released, which is set for April 2015.  

Me: That is great, that it will not stop your computer game.  Somewhat recently I saw on FB (Facebook) that you had a script written for this film and seeking volunteers to be in it.  How many are going to have in this film?  Can you give us a rough idea of how long this film will be? 

Tad: The film will consist of six adults and four children.  Length, roughly 90 to 120 minutes long.

Me: Do you have any preproduction sketches or photos to share?  Just enough to entice our imagination and that will stir up more interest in your film. 

Tad: Not yet, as I said, we have not started production, we just sent out the casting call.

Me: When will people start rehearsals?  When does the film need to be submitted?

Tad: June 6th, 2014 is when we will be doing auditions for that cast.  The film will have to be completely done by end of December, beginning of January.

Me: Are you going to follow me on my blog?

Tad: I already do, from my personal page on G+.

Me: Well I see that Tad has not given up on his dreams; he is still going to work on making that computer game.  Instead of giving up and moving on to another idea, he has added onto it. To wrap this up, Tad let’s recap on the websites that we can reach you at.

Tad:  They are still the same.

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