Continuing on Does that sound like Networking to you?

Continuing on Does that sound like Networking to you? 

It is all a matter of perspective, because you are a sales person, and how you present yourself is what you are marketing to sale.  Consider this before you comment below and if you already commented without reading the entire posting. It will be proof right here that you are a person who either reads comments or reads very small portions of anything you have read.  So, what I wanted you to consider, is about the post not about the commenting that you did by jumping to conclusions.  We are all sales people it is being able to sale yourself is done in Interviews (professional atmosphere) and Dating (social atmosphere).  A sales person is not a bad thing.  Who is going to represent you best and doing it consistently?  Well that answer is, you!  You want the career or that job or that promotion or that education or that university or that college.  It takes that sales person to do the Interviewing. 

We don't need to reinvent the wheel
Some would say that half the battle of the sale is the product. That the product must be good for it to be sold or no matter what the product is, if it not good it will be found or fails before it even gets started.   Do see ideas all around you? Have you used your knowledge, understanding, and imagination to see new ideas or improve on existing ideas?  They tell us, "we do not need to reinvent the wheel".  Has that not already been done many times look at the tyre (tire) comapnies, are they not better than the wagon wheel? Or those wheels made in the 1930's, 40's, 50's, or in the year 2010?  They told us they had improved those wheels. Therefore, has networking not also improved? Also as one tire company is different in many aspects like quality, customer service, branding, and price. So is the same said about any company just as networking marketing companies are different in those same aspects. 

I am very happy they keep reinventing the wheel, network marketing, and food. 
Everland South Korea - Photo by: Eileen GY

Socializing and Networking
This takes places around us every day every moment either by works in words or actions.  Actions and Words can be done directly and in-directly.  That can happen without us doing anything or saying any word.  You can be asleep or be awake you are still part of this social networking which leads to financial gain.  That can happen without you or with you but it will happen to many others that wake up and take part. 

Look Around
We look around the Internet and see people sharing photos of places, foods, drinks, people, and movies.  We can be fooled by what we were told in the job world that network marketing is bad.  Tell that to the guys advertising online using social media by being social in their networks.  Before the Internet this happened, remember going to the local store asking have you seen John Doe and the owner would tell you.  Oh he was here this morning and he went down to the bowling alley.  Then you met up with him bought him a beer and played a game while talking about getting some work done on your house.  The old wild west days we had riders come into towns asking the bar keep where the sheriff was or when the feed store opens up.  Network marketing is about connecting with people and getting referrals with people we know which leads to some type of gain. 

Do you see the idea of networking is all around you?
Sibu, Malaysia - Photo by: Eileen GY

Part 1 is called: Does that sound like Networking to you?

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