Did you know we pay for things all the time?

Did you know we pay for things all the time?

During my first job I had many hours to daydream, I can say that now, because it was a job that did not require much thought to do the work.  Mentally it was not challenging my mind, all those years of schooling and so little is required to do this work.  Even later got promoted a few times there and still very little is required in thought process to do the tasks.  What was required is reading, writing, and math which we used My Dear Aunt Sally.  Anyone remember what that stands for?  For those that do not know it means Multiple Divide Add and Subtract. 

Referring to the paying and how many of you know the answer to what I had asked?  Did you know we pay for things all the time? 

I am going to share several scenarios of how we pay for things all the time.  In these scenarios you will learn how it happens and we do not get to decide the results of those payments.  Because majority of the time it happens several times in a week or in a month. 

Scenario 1 – Good morning, you just woke up and time to smack that alarm clock.  Then start the with getting up out of bed, instead you wait until 2nd alarm goes off then you smack the snooze button that will go off in 2mins and now 7mins more have been used before you get out of the bed.  Some times it is 10mins and then time to do the things in the bathroom like brush your teeth.   After all the preparation to leave the house, but realize not enough time to make food or prepare it for lunch.  This cost you time, skipping breakfast which affects the body, and rushing to work which adds worry, stress, and fear of being caught.   This becomes a payment system that you keep paying until you make that decision and stick to it; or you keep having the same lifestyle.

Scenario 2 – You decide to buy food that is low in price.  They offer low priced items and you pick one of the lower priced and a small drink to save more funds.  But instead as you eat the food you realize that the taste is not very bad and but there is nothing you can show them to have it made again, like being poorly cooked.  Few hours later you’re sitting on the toilet and paying for that too.  It has cost you harm to your body, cost is tasting bad and that memory will always be with you, and your bowels and stomach are having pains from it.  This becomes a continual payment when you do not change your lifestyle. 

Some of you will say I have not had these experiences, but is that really the point?  No, of course it is not the point you would be side stepping the issues and avoiding the point just to be right?  What for when you can take this as facts and say yes this does happen and it is facts, because there is nearly 7 billion people on the Earth.  I am sure that some of the people every day is doing exactly what is written in those scenarios.  

Scenario 3 – You forget your friend’s birthday or someone in your family.  The next time you hear from someone or a week later that it was a person your friends with and that is bad, to completely forget.  So you fall into this new concept of belated birthday and decide that does not sound so bad at least I get them a birthday card.  Or worse the person is a good friend and family too, but you still forgot and pass it off as belated birthday.  That some how this makes it better that it is in your mind not actually forgotten.  Because you got a birthday card and maybe a small gift or took them some where for lunch.  What was the costs how is this payments.  You missed out on creating new memories on their special day, the person’s actual birthday.  You missed out on sharing memories with the person and all those that did remember to be there.  You missed out on rebuilding on existing memories of when you were there for other special days like last years birthday or the person being there for your birthday.  This will be something that cannot be done again it will continually be a payment of can never get this back this time is gone, the memories are gone, and the good and fun times are gone.

The point in these scenarios is you make choices doing nothing is a choice, doing something is a choice, and doing what others want is a choice.  But doing what the people that say you cannot do this, you are poor, your to ignorant, your to slow, you have experience, you have no time.  As you get sucked into their world to be accepted to make them feel better or yourself.  You are still unhappy, still unfulfilled, and still lacking your dreams, your joy being expressed, and your memories.

The other points you can do what you want and do what is important.  Do it for the right reasons and do not get lost in the excuses, the lies, and the comfortable with the familiar or what I call comfortmiliarity.  You can be good at failure or be good at average or be good at great.  

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