Do you hate yourself?

Do you hate yourself?

Do you hate yourself?  Seriously do you hate yourself?  Then why do you want to stay with someone that is abusing you emotionally and physically?  Does your emotions affect your physical body?  Yes it sure does and it does have a great impact upon your body. 

It is your life and no one, not anyone is going to have your best interests at heart more than you!  We can continue to be abused and label that under different names like friends, family, and refer to that as friendship and love.  Which is neither friendship nor love. 

Love is a choice you can and do love a person, but you do not have to accept what they say and do.  Let me elaborate on that by sharing a short story.

Mom says to her son, I love you.  But the son goes around smoking, drinking, and cursing and cussing.  She hears what he does and hates what he does, but loves the son.  Son replies I love you mom, but it’s my life and I can quit smoking any time I want, drinking is not a big deal.  He knows his mom loves him, but does he believe it?

Consider your child has AIDS and you hate that they have it; you do not want them to have it.  Does not change the fact this is your child, that you would do anything for them.  The more you think of your love for your child, the more you hate the disease affecting your child.  Would this stop you from loving your daughter or your son?

No of course not and it is the same with smoking or drinking or being in a gang.  You do not condone what they are doing you are not encouraging them to do those things.  However you made the choice to love them.

Why did I share all this with you?  Because love the person but do not allow their actions to harm you emotionally.  This harm emotionally upsets our thinking thus brings about worry, stress, and fear.  Those emotions affecting the mind will affect the sleep and your body. 

Again I ask you this very important question.  Do you hate yourself?  Because you must hate yourself, you are still allowing the person to harm you in some way or another.  We have seen how worries, stress, and fears bother us and cause physical reactions to manifest.  Some times we are so upset that yelling, screaming, throwing things express anger, and violence happens. 

All those are forms of abuse and yet for some people they continue to be around this harmful life style.  Stop convincing yourself that he or she loves you and start convincing yourself that this is wrong, it is bad, and it is evil. 

Do you hate yourself?  Do not go back to an abusive relationship do not go back to drinking, do not go back to drugs, and do not go back to smoking.  Do not go back to someone that beats you verbally with his or her words that cut so deeply.  Do not go back to the person who beats you physically. 

Next time it happens do not soften it with it’s a phase, its only happening when she or he drinks, or when she or her does drugs, or only when things are bad at work.  Do not add labels or excuses, there is no reason to be abused or to accept it.  Another label is bullying but that seems to nice of away to put it, someone is causing you harm and stealing your joy, your peace, your lifestyle, your future.

Next time it happens remember to ask “Do YOU hate yourself?” Ask yourself that question and the answer should ALWAYS be, No! I love myself and will not allow this happen to me any more!

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