Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make

Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make

 When I was younger heard this and really liked the words it had made an impression upon me in many ways.  It helped to realize that being shy is a prison of my own make.  Another is hearing words that tell us, “You cannot” and this became another prison of our own accord.  Some more words that had an effect on our mind that caused that imprisonment. 

But do all of these words really get to the root of things?  No, it does not reach the root of all things and we can keep listing more and perhaps a lot more of these words.  The longer you have been around more than likely that, that list is very long or extremely extensive. 

The title of this is “Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make”, have you started to figure out what that means?  Most of you have already figured it out, but what about the root cause to those imprisoning words?

Some what say it is the mind, some would say it is you; some would say it is others, and some others would actually know the answer.  When you say it is the mind, it is battlefield that is taking place a war of right believing or wrong believing.  Those that say “you” well that’s just putting the focus on you and being self-effort.  Does not actually get to the root cause.  Those saying, it is “others” that is simply blaming others. 

What is the root of these words?  What is the root cause for those words being spoken to you or by you?  Did you ever catch yourself saying those words to anyone? 

The root cause is just one word, “condemnation” once you realized that the Son of almighty GOD was sent to save us, from ourselves.  Set us under grace and has freed us from the law; that very law that was set to bring man to the end of himself.  To realize and to rely on our heavenly Father, our Abba GOD and to see that He is Abba who loves us beyond our understanding.  Since the law is fulfilled and He no longer condemns us, then why are you condemning yourself? 

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