Our Perceived Perception of Judgment

Our Perceived Perception of Judgment

We think of what GOD wants from us not what He wants for us.  How often do we see GOD is punishing us that He is there to be our Judge, Jury, and Executioner?  Again it is all about self-righteousness we think it is all about us and what we need to do must do, and how it all falls upon us, or should I say you and me.

We hardly hear of this idea, imagine the Creator of the heavens and the earth wants something from a creation.  Now imagine that He who created all in all of all things asking you to do something to be accepted by Him to be able to be blessed with His love, His countless blessings, and going to heaven.  
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This brings up the question of law and why it was made. To show that we are creations of His, that we are not, not a god.  Certainly we act as though we are better than any one; and this happens at some point in our life.  Do you see it?  It’s us saying we do not need GOD that we can do it ourselves.  Law was given to show we need GOD.

Another question often asked is, why does GOD let things happen?  Ever hear of the power of free choice?  Yes we are blessed to have choice to love or not to love or eat of every tree but not of the one.  Would it be free choice if you can eat of any tree bearing fruit?  Imagine ten thousand trees to eat from and you can freely eat and there is no restrictions.  Is that free choice?  Now imagine one tree out of ten thousand that you cannot eat from, but it is only one tree.  All the rest are yours to eat and freely means without cost without restrictions.  Another words to your hearts content until your stomach is full.  Is that the power of free choice?  Yes of course it is!

You can pick, it is your choice, but you cannot pick the results of your actions.  Example you choice is to attend college now your choice it to continue or not.  So you continue and graduate but the choice of being the top of your entire graduating class or the top 1% or the 10% or being average.  We can chose how much or little we study how effectively we study or what professors we get for many maybe all our courses. 

But we cannot chose how strict the course will be how strict the professor will be and how much study is required for each course.  Again we cannot have the choice on the results on the actions that take place upon our choices. 

We can choose to pray to GOD for every thing for all things every day and night.  Or we can use that power of choice to do other things.   Some times we chose to think, to say, or do these choices.  Choosing to do good; or say good things therefore; I am not that bad or not bad at all, because I did not break any laws.  But man makes those laws we refer to.  Not of the laws passed to us by GOD our Creator.  
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We see GOD in these ways but those that do not believe or those that do believe some times we do not understand things. Then decide because I cannot understand it; it cannot be true or real.  Those that are not believers will say they do not believe in Him.  Those that think this way has made their choice, but does not change those believers for they do believe.  Why does it bother any one at all that we believers believe in GOD? 

Consider this literary illustration.  Whether your friend bought an iPhone and you bought a S5.  Why does it bother you what they received?  For some it bothers them so much that they refer to them as iSheep or other derogatory names.  You are not the creator of the Samsung and you are not the creator of Google Android.   

Just because it was not said in another way to illustrate the point, yet for some they will get mad about it. 

Here is another type of literary illustration.  Someone buys a drink and the friend ask is that Pepsi?  No is the reply it is a Coke, do you want one?  But the friend does not answer instead asks. Why did you buy a Coke, Pepsi is much better? 

This can be said about Pepsi instead of Coke or Dr. Pepper or any other type of soda being better than another.  It is all personal choice and again we cannot choose the outcome. 

Stick with clear passages and not vague passages that can be misconstrued.  GOD whom sent His only Son to die on the cross and Jesus who laid down His life for you.   Would you give up your own life for those sinners?  Would you give up your life for those breaking the law?  He did for you and you are thinking that He would is still judging you waiting to execute you on the day of your passing?  That conflicts you believe GOD exists, you believe Jesus died on the cross, but you believe He is waiting to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner.  
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That is wrong beyond words; it is confusing, and so very not logical.  Imagine you’re a father and you send your ONLY son to die for people so they are free from that punishment.  Then why would you still judge them?  Why would you still hold back health, healing, wholeness, wealth, favor, wisdom, riches, and abundant life?  

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