PART 3 – Have You read this before?

PART 3 – Have You read this before?

Be sure to read Part 1 Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store? before, continuing to read the rest of this short story and no jumping ahead to find out part of the secret that is hidden and will be revealed.

After we realized that we are a lot farther in to the store that it appears when standing outside or at the front by the door.  It did not seem to take that long to get into the store, but looking back seems like it is going to take hours to get out!

How can this be?  We are just walking in looking around at all the different books and now there is Daniel, Mick, Cryst, Gab, and Lee.  As Lee told us and kept telling us then he says, shhh… I know part of the part and figured out another part.  All of us went from talking fast and one of us screaming at everyone.  So that Lee could tell us what is going on as he is not known for talking loud and he does not scream or yell like most kids do. 

Looking around and asking what is the secrets that you know about this store?  Have you been here before and you tricked us into coming here!?  Many of us were asking repeatedly question after question; questioning him to nearly without end.  Lee began to walk away and silence took over the room; as we heard the man yelling, “I cannot see you anymore just listen to Lee he can help you get back here”.

Lee spoke, I know part of the secret and figured out another part.  We walked into a bookstore that has books from all around the world.  Each section of books with a small divide to it represents a country; but within that section is stacks and see the labels there.  They represent the years of when each book was written and only certain authors are in this bookstore. 

We did not get it, do you?  Have you seen the parts to the secret?  We shall soon see if you did figure out a part of it.  Lets continue with the story!

We started looking around reading book titles one after another after another one and reading the labels.  One of us was walking around and Lee shouted for the first time ever in this life.  Cryst do not move!  She took one step more and we saw something very weird happening right before our eyes.  She tripped over a book a short stack of books then she was there but, a lot further away from us.  We saw her seem like a few steps away to being father than a football field from us. 

Gab, Mick, and Lee grab each other and said no one move.  But Daniel refused to grab any one and started saying, I do not believe it, it’s a trick, and I am not scared. 

Hey!  I completely forgot to tell you who has nick names and what they mean.  Gab is for Great Always Beautiful and yep you guessed it she is a girl.  Mick was named after Mickey Rooney; his mom is a big fan of his.  Lee does not like his nickname and when we call him that he refused to respond he would not even look at you.  –haha  Cryst, she is named after the character from a work of fiction we saw the drawings they are draw like anime; so cool right?  When you ask her about her name she responds I am Warrior Cryst and goes into a long speech.  Just like a real anime character. –haha

Where was I?  Oh, yeah we need to take a break again and you will have to tune back in for the very next part of the secret to be revealed.  There are many parts to this secret and you will be surprised.  The next part of this story is right here - Part 4 – Have you read this before?

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