Part 4 – Have you read this before?

Part 4 – Have you read this before?

No skipping to the last few chapters of a book guys.  If you have not read the first part then here is your chance to do it, do it now. –Haha First part of the story Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store?

Before we continue did you figure out the secrets hidden within the clues in the short story?  Yes, it is a short story this is not going to be two hundred or three hundred pages or more.  Yes I had said secrets jot them down now and see if you get them right.  Now that you have done that, we can reveal more of what is happening inside the store. 

The guy started to tell us all to stay here and wait but saw how we were looking around and yelling for our friends to come back here.  Then he said, he will tell them a story and while he did that, that is when we started to calm down and sit on the floor, chairs, and couches.  We realized that the entire store is much bigger than it looks and the longer you are in there, the more you walk into the store the bigger it is, but it continues to get bigger. 

We heard a loud bell in the far back of the store and it startled all of us.  He says that it was a delivery from Sam and she is always driving the truck her for the guys to drop off the books.  After they had stacked them labeled them the store was bigger again! 

Did you just see that another secret is revealed but can you figure out what is going on?  Because none of us can figure it out either and we just know it is happening and we learned what we want.  But we do not know the how or why it does what it is doing.  Then again, does it really matter how things work?  Sometimes we buy candy, but we do not know where it came from or how it was made or how it got there.  Does that keep you from enjoying the adventure the experience and the moment?  That is part of what I learned that very day.  What are you learning now? 

As we kept seeing our friends go further and further from us, we looked forward, as though this was a quest and we were having an adventure.  We no longer was scared, nervous, or worried; instead we were experiencing adventure, excitement, and fun times.  We continued on our journey seeing more, more, and much more books, isles, and large pathways. 

We were there only one day or were we?  Find out more in the very next part of this story as it reveals more of the secrets within the store.  Have you figured out who is telling the story?  Is it Daniel, Mick, Cryst, Gab, or Lee?

Maybe you will have enough clues revealed in  PART 5 – Have you read this before?

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