PART 5 – Have you read this before?

PART 5 – Have you read this before?

We are going to start preparing you for the conclusion of this story; maybe some of you are waiting for the entire story to be completed before starting to read it.  Then you can treat it like a marathon and read right through all the parts that are published on my blog. 

A link to the beginning: Short story – Did you hear about the kids outside the store?

We found some string sitting on one of the desks that has a lot of office supplies sitting on top and we started looking through the drawers.  We decided to tie that string to each of us and we used the tape measure to set each piece of string about 1 meter in length.  This way we can see each other and still be able to walk around look at things but not get separated by one of those things that happens and that keeps happening to us. 

Oh no!  That did not work our plan failed and we were just walking up the steps and a few us stayed at the foot of the steps.  Two of us were waiting at the bottom, while the rest walked up not even half way.  Then it happened again!  The distance between us grew very large and the string increased in distance too.  Lee then mentioned that any time we pass an isle, label, another words a dividing point or name we get a big distance again.   Except for when we are holding onto each other and then we were not having that thing happen to us. 

We saw a phone on the desk and it says Back Line and Front Line on the buttons.  The phone rang and the guy that owns the store called us.  We know from picking up the phone after talking with him, found out what to do and how to get back to the front of the store.  This is awesome! 

Cryst, asking Lee what he did say?  Are you also interested in what he had said?  All right, I will share that with you, my friends, but you will be surprised how simple it is to return to the front of the store and we can do the same thing to get back with our friends.  But there is one catch; since we came as a group we must do this as a group.  However we can do this in one big group or small groups.  Many of us said, whew, oh good, gasp, sigh, and me I was quiet.  Ready very loudly to make sure all of us are focused to do this.  Then Cryst asked what happens if we are not doing this as a group?  What happens if we do it as a group but not at the same time? 

That’s when I looked at my watch and realized something very special, very different, and extremely important.  But before telling anyone I had to ask my friends let me see your watch.  After looking at each watch what the guy had said made complete sense now and I knew another secrete of the store!  But instead of having all of my friends wait or anyone I am sharing this story with; I will tell you right now.  Time does not matter in the store, the store has no name, other than the people calling it “the store”, and space keeps increasing, as you understand things, as the world understands things, as more and more information is learned.  Therefore, we realize what we know is not what we know, that it just keeps getting big, then bigger, and bigger! 

How many of you figured out these secretes?

The story will continue with Part 6 – Have you read this before?

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